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Single-Payer Healthcare System Supporters Plan Nationwide Protests


Supporters of a nationwide single-payer healthcare system have called for a national day of action today.

Protests are planned at the offices of health insurance companies in at least nine major cities.

They are expected to include sit-ins and other acts of civil disobedience.

Some local groups are even planning so-called "die-ins," which will involve protestors lying down and playing dead to represent the Americans who die every day because they can't get adequate healthcare.

The demonstrations are being organized by the group Mobilization for Health Care for All.

They are endorsed by such organizations as Code Pink, Physicians for a National Health Program and Progressive Democrats of America.

Mobilization for Health Care for All claims more than a thousand people have already signed up to participate in the protests, including at least 700 who are willing to be arrested for the cause of nationalizing the U.S. healthcare system.

More than 30 people have already been arrested at similar demonstrations earlier this month.

Official protests will be held throughout the day in New York City; Washington, DC; Palm Beach, Florida; Boston; Cleveland; Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles; Reno, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona.

Meanwhile, debate over healthcare reform legislation continues to rage on Capitol Hill.

Today, lawmakers are expected to meet behind closed doors in an effort to merge a measure passed by the Senate Finance Committee this week with another Senate bill.

Mobilization for Health Care for All is opposing the Finance Committee bill, which does not contain a so-called "public option."

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