All News Articles for 2009-09-20

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Coup Inciting Revolution in Honduras?
Oscar Estrada: Oligarchy's attempt to save their neo-liberal project may initiate fall of entire regime
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Grizzly Bear Decline Alarms Conservationists in Canada
First it was the giant panda, then the polar bear, now it seems that the grizzly bear is the latest species to face impending disaster. A furious row has erupted in Canada with conservationists desperately lobbying the government to suspend the annual bear-hunting season following reports of a sudden drop in the numbers of wild bears spotted on salmon streams and key coastal areas where they would normally be feeding.
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Missile Defense Shift Redirects Billions in Government Contracts
The Obama administration's new missile defense plan is setting off a parochial battle on Capitol Hill with lawmakers concerned about a shift in federal contract money. This week's announcement-calling for more flexible, sea-based missile deterrents--is a boon for the Raytheon Co. and Lockheed Martin, which have significant missile defense operations in Arizona, Arkansas and New Jersey. It is however bad news for the Boeing Co. and its congressional supporters in Alabama, where the company builds and manages its ground based missile interceptors.
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UN Plans 'Shock Therapy' for World Leaders on Environment
Pared-down summit will force heads of rich states to listen to those of third world in hope of kickstarting radical action
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