Rove Personally Pressed for Iglesias Firing

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Rove Personally Pressed for Iglesias Firing

Docs Show Rove Pushed For Iglesias Firing

Zachary Roth

Karl Rove (left) and former US attorney David Iglesias. (TPM File)

Perhaps the key takeaway from the just released documents on the U.S. attorney firings is this:

Karl Rove claimed recently
that he and his staff acted merely as a conduit for passing on concerns
about David Iglesias. But it's now clear that Rove's office pushed from
2005 for Iglesias to be canned, and was intimately involved in the

For instance, the documents show:
• In May 2005, Rove's top aide, Scott Jennings, wrote in an email: "I
would really like to move forward with getting rid of" Iglesias.

• The following month, Harriet Miers wrote in an email that the White House had made a "decision" to fire Iglesias.

• A "very agitated" Rove told Miers
in a 2006 phone call that Iglesias was a "serious problem and he wanted
something done about it," according to Miers's testimony.

• Jennings also claimed in an October 2006 email that Iglesias had
been "shy about doing his job on Madrid." That was a reference to
Patricia Madrid, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Heather Wilson in
2006, and to the fact that Iglesias had declined to prosecute vote
fraud claims, when doing so might have boosted Wilson's chances.

The line about merely being a conduit doesn't seem to be holding up.


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