All News Articles for 2009-06-24

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Federal Reserve: Same Old Sheriff on Wall Street
Pollin: Obama plan to 'empower' the Fed won't reign in casino capitalism; finance must be democratized
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Obama: From Fair Trade to Free Trade?
As a primary candidate, Barack Obama posited himself as the Fair Trade candidate in opposition to Hillary Clinton whose support of NAFTA during her husband's administration was seen as a liability. But as soon as Hillary was out of the picture Obama began to backpedal on trade telling Fortune magazine that his anti-NAFTA stance was “overheated and amplified.” Now that he’s in the White House, what do we know about his trade policies?
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UN Meet May Short-Change the Poor
BRUSSELS - As United Nations members gather for talks on how best to end the global financial crisis, anti-poverty campaigners fear that instead of addressing poverty in the developing world, governments will work to prop up financial structures. Three-day talks on the 'World Financial Crisis and its Impact on Development' begin in New York Wednesday after a delay due to "bickering" amongst participants.
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UN Launches 'Seal the Deal' Campaign
UNITED NATIONS - Growing U.S. support for U.N. initiatives is raising hopes among those who want to see the world community take immediate and concrete action to tackle climate change, although their optimism is also tinged with scepticism. "So far, the response by the world's governments has been less than sufficient," said U.N. Secretary General-Ban Ki-moon at a news conference held outside the world body's headquarters in an open space filled with leafy trees.
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Ken Hechler: 'We are going to need hellraisers to stop this devastating practice.'
UPDATE: "The Sword of Damocles hangs over Marsh Fork Elementary School." "I started out an as activist, but founded it necessary to be a hell raiser. We are going to need hellraisers to stop this devastating practice."--Ken Hechler
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