It’s Breasts, Not Bombs, at Paraguay Nuke Protest

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It’s Breasts, Not Bombs, at Paraguay Nuke Protest


An activist of the Humanist party holds up a sign during a protest against war and violence worldwide in Asuncion on Friday. The sign reads in Spanish: "Peace and No Violence." (JORGE SAENZ/Associated Press)

ASUNCION, Paraguay – Activists in Paraguay are showing a little skin for world peace.

About 100 women disrobed today in a square in downtown Asuncion to protest nuclear weapons.

Demonstrator Carola Gonzalez said the Humanist Party activists decided
to strip for their cause since "the public and the news media pay so
much attention to breasts and bottoms.''

Many went topless, with their chests colourfully painted with slogans, images of the earth and radioactivity symbols.

Organizers said they hoped to raise awareness about the thousands of
nuclear warheads threatening the planet, about half them in the hands
of the U.S.

Some 20 police officers – and a crowd of onlookers – monitored the protest.


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