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Protestor Tries To Arrest Rove in SF

Terry McSweeney

SAN FRANCISCO - There was major political theater involving President Bush's former chief of staff Karl Rove. A protestor tried to arrest Rove for treason Tuesday morning while he was speaking at the Mortgage Bankers Association Convention, continuing in San Francisco.

Watch the video here.

There were three protests during a very lively back and forth between former senate majority leader George Mitchell and Karl Rove. Rove blamed the Democrats for everything wrong with the economy.

A protestor tried to smack handcuffs on Karl Rove, but Rove slapped back, and the woman was taken off stage.

There was also this interesting observation from Karl Rove:

"So the regulators in 2005 were the Republicans and the deregulators, the anti-regulators, the let them do anything they want crowd, were all Democrats - with all due respect," said Rove.

There were two more protests and then this exchange:

"Yesterday, John Kerry, your nominee of your party in 2004, stands up and said if John McCain was asked the question of whether he wears boxers or briefs his answer would be Depends. I think that is pretty much under the table and pretty nasty," said Rove.

"I have to say I feel like Dorothy in the land of Oz - hearing you lecture about negative campaigning," said Mitchell.

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