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Iraq Violence Kills 440 In September


BAGHDAD - The number of Iraqi civilians and security personnel
killed in insurgent and militia violence in September was 440, little
changed from August, security officials said on Wednesday.

least 359 civilians, 26 Iraqi soldiers and 55 policemen were slain in
September, according to figures collected by the interior, defence and
health ministries, officials who had the access to the data said.

In August, 383 civilians, 18 Iraqi soldiers and 30 policemen, a total of 431 people, were killed.

In September, 66 militants were killed and 920 were arrested, the officials said.

The US military, meanwhile, reported at least 25 soldiers killed in September, according to independent website, compared with 23 in August.

At least 4,176 US soldiers have been killed in Iraq since the 2003 invasion, according to an AFP count based on the website.

has seen a downward trend in violence since the middle of last year,
although bloodshed spiked in March and April during clashes between
Shiite militiamen and US-led security forces.


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