Green Jobs Now!

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Green Jobs Now!

Demonstrations Planned Today Will Highlight Green Collar Economic Opportunity

Dan Shapley

More than six hundred communities will call for "Green Jobs Now," such as this national business coalition in San Francisco, California

of thousands of Americans are expected to turn out today in cities all
over the U.S. to express their desire to see leaders enact policies to
deliver "green collar" jobs that will help the country ween itself off
fossil fuels and combat global warming.

The Green Jobs Now rallies have been organized in more than 600 locations.

Organizers frame the event as a solution to not only energy and
environmental crises facing the nation, but to its economic crisis as

Particularly, the campaign is designed to show how investments in
renewable energy technology manufacturing and energy efficiency
installation can revitalize rural and urban poor and minority

"As we head into the final weeks of this national election and are
in the midst of a national economic crisis, Americans are clear that
they want bold action that builds a clean energy economy, unlocks the
potential of sustainable industry, and ushers in a new era of
prosperity and green jobs," said Gillian Caldwell, 1Sky Campaign director.

Other organizers include Green For All and the Alliance for Climate Protection.


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