The Future's Greener: Vertical Farms and Computerised Car Convoys Could Be Just Around The Corner

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The Future's Greener: Vertical Farms and Computerised Car Convoys Could Be Just Around The Corner

Meg Carter

Researchers at Columbia University are exploring the concept of "Vertical farms" - tower blocks (like the design by Chris Jacobs) where fruit, vegetables, fish, and livestock could make cities self-sufficient.

A world in which we harvest energy generated by our own bodies, grow
our own food on rooftops and balconies, and use virtual windows to cut
down on long-distance travel sounds like science fiction. Yet,
according to a project designed to visualise life in a low-carbon
future, these are just some of the products we could be using within 15

Low Carbon Living 2022 is an attempt to bring to life some of the issues
surrounding climate change, according to James Goodman, head of futures at
sustainability charity Forum
for the Future
, which is behind the initiative and has come up with a
dozen ideas for low-carbon products and services.

"With much of the current debate on climate change verging on the
apocalyptic, we wanted to encourage people to think positively about how our
daily lives will have to change in the future," he explains. "While
the science is deadly serious, emphasising only the negatives about climate
change can leave people feeling disempowered."

Some of the low-carbon products may seem outlandish, yet all are informed by
emerging research and evolving technology developments. "I suppose you
could call them potentially viable," Goodman says. "The point is,
changes we will have to make do not need to be negative. The impetus climate
change creates could benefit our daily lives."



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