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Cheney Thinks Palin Is 'Superb'


Dick Cheney - war-monger, war-criminal, and neo-con hero - publicly endorsed Sarah Palin as a "superb" pick for the Vice-President of The United State. (AFP Photo)

ROME - US Vice President Dick Cheney on Monday gave his public backing for Sarah Palin -- the Republican party's first female candidate to be vice president.

Cheney, who is in Rome for talks with Italian leaders, said he watched on television as the 44-year-old Alaska governor addressed the Republican National Convention to nominate John McCain as the party's White House candidate.

"I thought her appearance at (the) convention was superb. I watched that with great interest. I loved some of her lines: 'What was the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? It's lipstick,'" he told reporters.

"We have had all kinds of vice presidents over the years and everybody brings a different set of experiences to the office and also a different kind of understanding with whoever the president is," Cheney said.

"Each administration is different. There is no reason why Sarah Palin can't be a successful vice president in a McCain administration."

Cheney added that a McCain-Palin White House in 2009 "won't look exactly like the Bush administration," but would be "relatively unique."

Cheney, who was on a tour of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine when the Republicans held their convention in Minnesota, has met Palin before and called to congratulate her when she was named McCain's running mate, an administration spokeswoman said.

Cheney also dismissed criticisms over her lack of experience.

"I think she is a good candidate and I don't see any reason why she can't be an effective vice president," he said.


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