Pressure Builds to Send Karl Rove to Jail

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Pressure Builds to Send Karl Rove to Jail

Johanna Neuman

With the House Judiciary Committee planning a hearing Friday on the Bush administration's use of executive privilege, public pressure is building to urge the committee to jail Karl Rove, the Bush White House political maestro.

A coalition of organizations gathered 80,000 signatures on a petition calling on the committee to hold Rove in contempt for his refusal to obey its subpoena. Brave News Films, author of an earlier Internet effort to kick Joseph Lieberman out of the Democratic Party after his endorsement of Republican John McCain, released its petition, Send Karl Rove to Jail, in hopes of compelling Rove

to testify under oath about his involvement in the prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman.

As Countdown reported here Monday, Democrat Siegelman was investigated by a Republican U.S. attorney with ties to Rove. She later recused herself from his case, but allegations of partisan influence in the case persist. Siegelman's conviction on political corruption charges is on appeal.

For his part, Rove has refused to testify before Congress, citing executive privilege.

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