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Former US Presidential Candidate Urges Bush's Impeachment


WASHINGTON - Former US presidential candidate George McGovern on Sunday called for President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney to be impeached, saying the case for such a dramatic step "is far stronger" than it was against former disgraced president Richard Nixon.0106 01A former US congressman and senator, McGovern was the Democratic Party's presidential nominee in 1972, but lost the election to incumbent Richard Nixon, who was forced to resign amid the Watergate scandal in 1974.

Writing in The Washington Post, McGovern said that after the 1972 election, he stood clear of calls to impeach Nixon because he was afraid it would be interpreted as an act of personal vengeance.

But "today I have made a different choice," the prominent Democrat points out. "The case for impeaching Bush and Cheney is far stronger than was the case against Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew after the 1972 election."

McGovern insisted that Bush and Cheney were guilty of numerous impeachable offenses and the country was "much more secure and productive under a Nixon presidency" than under Bush's.

"They have repeatedly violated the Constitution," McGovern writes of Bush and Cheney. "They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time. Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world."

He cites as evidence the invasion of Iraq under the pretext of removing its non-existent weapons of mass destruction, "illegal tapping" of citizens' telephones by government agents, and shipping of war-on-terror prisoners for interrogation to other countries without respect for the laws of habeas corpus.

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