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18 Peacemakers Busted at Giuliani and Hillary Offices and No Original Reporting From The Register

David Goodner

Eighteen peace activists were arrested in Des Moines, Iowa Thursday for trespassing inside the campaign offices of presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, according to the Associated Press.

Both the New York Times and the Huffington Post picked up the AP story. The protest is the top story this morning over at the KCCI Channel 8 homepage, and their video coverage last night and this morning was exceptional.

The Des Moines Register ran the AP story Friday morning, but was apparently too busy for any original reporting about a major protest in their own backyard.

The Des Moines Register should fix that today by doing some original reporting in time for the weekend edition. Kathy Kelly, a 2-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and several others are scheduled to be arraigned in Polk County this morning.

Those arrested Thursday at Giuliani's campaign office are:

Nick Kinkel, 19, Des Moines, Iowa

Mickey Davis, 16, Waukee, Iowa

Joy First, 53, Madison, Wisconsin

Jeff Leys, 43, Chicago, Illinois

Dan Pearson, 26, Chicago, Illinois

Suzanne Sheridan, 31, Chicago, Illinois

Ed Bloomer, 60, Des Moines, Iowa

Ron Durham, 26, Chicago, Illinois


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Kathy Kelly, 54, Chicago, Illinois

Elton Davis, 45, Des Moines, Iowa

Those arrested at Hillary's office Thursday are:

Renee Espeland, 46, Des Moines, Iowa

Robert Braam, 51, Manhaton, Illinois

Chrissy Kirchoefer, 30, Marseilles, Illinois

David Goodner, 26, Iowa City, Iowa

Mona Shaw, 56, Des Moines, Iowa

Chris Guant, 51, Grinnell, Iowa

Brian Terrell, 51, Maloy, Iowa

Farah Mokhtareizadeh, 24, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  • Work to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine while ensuring security for Israel and justice for Palestine;
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