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60 Arrested Near Capitol At 'No War No Warming' Protests

Karissa Marcum

Sixty protesters were arrested Monday morning after some of them blocked an intersection near the Cannon House Office Building.1022 05

The protesters, wearing polar bear costumes and giant George W. Bush heads, blocked the intersection at New Jersey and Independence avenues, SE.

The protesters included representatives from the Oil for Change Coalition, Code Pink and Iraq Veterans Against the War. They held signs declaring, "No war, no warming."

Protester Laurie Arbeiter said the U.S. went into Iraq for oil.

"We're gluttonous and energy-greedy and we're taking such limited natural resources without concerns," she said.

Retired Army Col. Ann Wright said Congress needs to end the war now.

"When we have the president and the Congress not doing anything to limit our emissions, we are killing the earth and we are killing the people of Iraq," Wright said.

Two juveniles were among those arrested for unlawful assembly, Capitol Police spokeswoman Kimberly Schneider said.

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