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Landmarks Threatened by Warming, Report Says

Jennifer Peltz

NEW YORK -- On Herschel Island, Canada, melting permafrost threatens ancient Inuit sites and a historic whaling town. In Chinguetti, Mauritania, the desert encroaches on an ancient mosque.

These harbingers of climate change are forces that are threatening humanity's cultural landmarks and architectural heritage, authorities at the World Monuments Fund said yesterday. 0607 06

The New York-based fund issues its list of 100 endangered monuments every two years.

This year's list includes 59 countries and is the first to add global warming to a roster of forces that also include political conflict, pollution, development and tourism pressures, and a thirst for modernity in buildings and lifestyles.

The United States is home to more listed sites than any other country, with seven.

New Orleans's hurricane- ravaged historic neighborhoods and historic Route 66, the fabled east-west highway, are among the US locations.

"On this list, man is indeed the real enemy," Bonnie Burnham, the fund's president , said in a statement. "But, just as we caused the damage in the first place, we have the power to repair it."

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