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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Dr. James Hansen Calling for Global Carbon Tax, James Hansen Says We're Failing 'Miserably' at Tackling Climate Crisis
"Emissions aren't going to go down if the cost of fossil fuels isn't honest."
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Mass Mobilization Planned for June 30 to Protest Trump's Cruel Separation of Families
"Every day, the administration is choosing to separate children from their families...They're not only bragging about it, they're using it to advance their political agenda."
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Elizabeth Warren Says Let's Be Clear: Trump Is Holding "Thousands of Kids Hostage to Try and Get Congress to Pay for His Stupid Wall"
"This is his policy," says senator, "and he can stop it."
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Millions Lack Food, Housing, and Healthcare, But 38 Democrats Just Joined GOP to Spend $716 Billion on Endless War and Empire
Had the Pentagon's budget simply remained the same as it was in 2017, Congress "could have funded public college for every student in the U.S. and had $12 billion left over," noted media analyst Adam Johnson
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