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#RejectRex Protest News
'We Won't Be Intimidated,' Declare Campaigners After ExxonMobil Accused of Pressuring Witnesses in New York Climate Case
"Exxon is polluting these proceedings just like it has polluted our communities."
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Remaining at the present level would imply a continued carnage at the “commodity extraction frontier” until so little is left that eternal warfare and collapse are inevitable. (Remko de Waal/Getty-AFP) Views
Never-Ending Growth?
The fatal flaw in the plan to end poverty and save the planet.
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 “Today’s oceans are absorbing carbon about an order of magnitude faster than the worst case in the geologic record.” (Photo: Onny Carr/Flickr/cc) Views
Humanity Sleep-Walking Toward 'Mass Extinction'
Politicians ignore the daily alarm bells in the science, whether it is melting Antarctica ice caps or the growing temperatures in the ocean
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Climate activists News
#MakeThemPay: Demonstrators Call Out ExxonMobil for Climate Crimes at Shareholders Meeting
"To funders of ExxonMobil: start selling your stocks. The lawsuits are coming."
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Green groups maintain that ExxonMobil knew for decades about the effects of its oil and gas development on the climate Views
Are ExxonMobil Execs the Most Evil People in the 200K-Year History of Humanity?
Tens of millions of human beings will die so that they can have private planes and huge mansions
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415 ppm is a grim number. It signals we are in deep, deep trouble. (Photo: stopfundingfossils/flickr/cc) Views
415 ppm: We Are all Part of Exxon’s Unchartered Climate Experiment Now
Never before in human history have carbon dioxide levels reached 415 parts per million
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Plenty of 'Collusion' for The Ultimate Crime: Lighting the Earth on Fire
Despite knowing the flames were rising, the arsonists all got together
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An Exxon sign in Framingham, MA. News
Following Monsanto, Exxon Could Be Next US Corporation to Face EU Lobby Ban
"Big Oil is the new Big Tobacco."
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report cover News
'In a Just World, It Would Be Treated as Crime Against Humanity': New Report Exposes Big Oil's Real Agenda
"InfluenceMap's research confirms a widely held suspicion that Big Oil's glossy sustainability reports and shiny climate statements are all rhetoric and no action."
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protesters against ExxonMobil News
Supreme Court Blocks ExxonMobil's Effort to Conceal Decades of Documents in Probe of Oil Giant's Climate Deception
The high court's ruling means the company must hand over records to the Massachusetts attorney general for her ongoing investigation
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