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Several want Planet of the Humans banned, but their arguments so far are no more convincing than the film, as they leave several questions unanswered. (Photo: POTH/publicity still) Views
The Real Problem With Michael Moore’s New Film: Planet of the Humans
Technology cannot solve problems we don’t allow it to.
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In erasing both the Green New Deal, and the Sunrise Movement and its diverse group of energized young people across American,  Moore and company vilify climate leaders and remedies, boosting population control, and chooses consumerism over systemic change. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
What’s Michael Moore’s Actual Agenda?
In place of highlighting the Green New Deal as the Mother Lode option, the film offers no options to the climate deadlock.
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To me the most misplaced invective is the treatment given to Bill McKibben. He comes across in the film as dishonest and corrupt. And yet he has done more for the climate justice movement than almost anyone else in the world.  (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Mobilizing Climate Action in the Face of Planet of the Humans
Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs's new film is so full of weak analysis, misinformation, and misplaced invective that I worry it will cause more harm than good.
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The new film from Michael Moore is coming under fire from climate activists. News
'Demoralizing' New Michael Moore Film Attacks Climate Movement at a Time When Solutions Should be at the Forefront, Say Critics
"Throughout, the filmmakers twist basic facts, misleading the public about who is responsible for the climate crisis."
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US filmmaker-author-activist Michael Moore speaks to supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders at a campaign event in Clive, Iowa, on January 31, 2020. News
Because Bernie Showed 'There is a New Way Now,' Younger Democrats Backing Sanders, Says Michael Moore
"There have been approximately 15 million 17-year-olds in the past four years that have turned 18. And they are massively behind change."
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"Nothing is more painful than what we’ve had to go through the last three years." (Photo: Bill Littman/Flickr/cc) News
Michael Moore Talks Impeachment, Medicare for All, and Why Trump Might Win Again in 2020
"If we go that route—it’s guaranteed we will lose the Electoral College."
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MSNBC’s anti-Bernie Sanders bias was on full display in Wednesday’s Democratic debate. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Views
Want More Proof of Corporate Media’s Anti-Bernie Bias? Look at MSNBC’s Democratic Debate
During the debate and in the spin room, Sanders was treated more like an outsider than a front runner. It’s part of a broader anti-Bernie slant in the "liberal" network’s coverage.
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Filmmaker Michael Moore speaks during a post-debate panel on MSNBC following the Democratic primary debate that took place on Wednesday, November 20, 2019. (Photo: MSNBC) News
'Majority of Americans Agree With Me and Bernie': Michael Moore Makes Powerful Case for Medicare for All on Post-Debate MSNBC Panel
"The healthcare industry has caused more pain and harm and anxiety for the American people than practically any other industry, and we should never side with candidates that say we're going to keep this private profit-making thing going."
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Memo to Mainstream Journalists: Can the Phony Outrage; Bernie Is Right About Bias
Mainstream media is shocked at Sanders' suggestion that ownership influences coverage. I can tell you it's true.
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In 2018, Progressive candidates and progressive ballot initiatives won across the nation. (Photo: Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Views
Nobody Likes Trump, But He Could Still Beat a Centrist Democrat in 2020
Will just "veering" left be enough to inspire voters who have learned to ignore promises and platitudes?
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