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We can regain our global image as champion of human rights, which is currently undone. (Photo: 8list) Views
White Nationalism and Public Health
There is a trend across much of the world toward the strongman ruler, the Trump/Putin/Erdogan/Duterte/Jong-un model, but that is reversible. Nothing about this is permanent or inevitable. We always have a choice.
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A map showing Turkish and Libyan territorial waters in the Mediterranean. News
Turkey Could Deploy Troops to War-Torn Libya in January, Latest Acceleration of Multi-Country Proxy War
The country's main opposition opposes the move and warned on Monday that the conflict could spread across the region.
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02 November 2019, Berlin: A demonstration of Kurds against the invasion of Syria by the Turkish army under the motto "Stop the war. Solidarity with Rojava" is moving along the boulevard Unter den Linden. Views
We Stand in Solidarity with Rojava, an Example to the World
Leaders from social movements, communities and First Nations from around the world, including LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Eve Ensler and Stuart Basden on the Turkish invasion in north-east Syria
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Trump goes back and forth between dismissing Syria as an unimportant desert and playing up its small oil reserves. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
New War for Oil? Trump to Occupy Oil-Rich Syrian Province with Tank Corps, Asks for Kurdish Displacement There
The notion of a US invasion and occupation of Deir al-Zor is entirely illegal in international law.
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Trump talks a whole lot about endless wars but doesn’t do anything about them. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Trump’s Endless Wars
Trump’s not bringing the troops home. He’s been haphazardly deploying more troops, drones, and dollars abroad, while waging a shadow foreign policy for his own benefit.
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Syrian Arab and Kurdish civilians flee amid Turkish bombardment on Syria's northeastern town of Ras al-Ain in the Hasakeh province along the Turkish border on October 9, 2019. News
Critics Denounce Turkey's Ceasefire Demand Announced by Pence as 'Ethnic Cleansing' of Syrian Kurds
President Trump, meanwhile, said Kurdish homeland had to be "cleared out" or Turkey would have had to "kill millions of people."
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A photo taken from Turkey's Sanliurfa province on October 09, 2019 shows smoke rising at the site of Ras al-Ayn city of Syria as Turkish forces began bombing northern Syria. News
'Too Little, Too Late': Critics Pan Trump Plan to Sanction Turkey
"Trump's statement on hitting Turkey with sanctions over the military operation in Syria does not mention the Kurds once."
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Two U.S. soldiers News
'Terrifying and Totally Predictable': Pentagon Confirms US Forces in Syria Came Under Turkish Artillery Fire
Noting Turkey's claims that this was a mistake, the U.S. peace group CodePink declared that "this is what happens when a country goes into a war of expansion so callously and rapidly."
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Amid Reports of Civilian Deaths, Sanders Condemns Trump for 'Giving Turkish Army Permission' to Slaughter Kurds in Syria
"I strongly condemn Trump's reckless decision to abandon our Kurdish allies to their fate at the hands of Turkish President Erdoğan."
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'Humanitarian Catastrophe': Civilians Flee as Turkey Launches Trump-Sanctioned Military Assault on Kurds in Syria
A spokesman for the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) accused Turkish forces of deliberately targeting "civilian areas."
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