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Elizabeth Warren rejected privatized water systems News
Applauding Sanders and Warren's Rejection of Privatized Water Systems, Group Calls On All 2020 Hopefuls to Follow Suit
"We need presidential candidates who recognize the importance of keeping water in public hands, no ifs, ands, or buts."
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Md. activists News
On Climate Strike Eve, 450+ Activists and Groups Urge United Nations to Back Global Fracking Ban
"Our planet is on fire, but fracking is not an evacuation bridge nor a fire extinguisher. Fracking is an arsonist that needs to be stopped."
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Sanders First 2020 Democrat to Pledge, If Elected, All Top Appointees Will Back Fracking Ban and Bold Climate Action
"If presidential hopefuls are truly serious about tackling fossil fuels head-on, a commitment on appointments must reflect this."
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Water and field News
Trump Rollback of Key EPA Water Protection Rule Denounced as 'Callous' and 'Immoral' Giveaway to Big Polluters
"This is shameful and dangerous."
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Confronting the Climate Crisis—Why We Need Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal
We cannot confront the climate emergency—we cannot avoid the worst of rapidly unfolding climate chaos—if we do not stop our headlong rush to expand fossil fuel extraction and burning.
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Newark residents News
As NJ and EPA Officials Meet Over Newark's Lead Crisis, Group Demands National Push for Water Justice
"We need a federal recommitment to safe and clean water for all, or these terrible episodes will continue."
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amazon fire News
UN Report Calls for Transforming Land Practices to Battle Hunger and 'Suffocating Blanket of Climate Emergency'
"There are a lot of actions that we can take now... But what some of these solutions do require is attention, financial support, enabling environments."
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sink News
US House Applauded for Approval of 'Sweeping' Provisions That Target Toxic 'Forever Chemicals'
As part of the annual defense spending bill, lawmakers passed several amendments on PFAS, including one that would designate them "hazardous substances" under the Superfund law
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Factory Farm Manure Energy Is a Very Shitty Idea, New Paper Says
"A real clean agricultural revolution would include only 100 percent clean and renewable energies and not methane-producing, smog-forming biogas."
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Former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) testifies on the tainted water scandal in the city of Flint, Michigan, during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, March 17, 2016. News
'Slap in the Face to the People of Flint' as Former Mich. Gov. Snyder Appointed to Harvard Fellowship
"His policies through pushing an emergency manager law led to one of the largest examples of environmental racism in this country's history. The crisis continues to this day."
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