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"Two other federal appellate opinions this year—from the Fifth Circuit and Eleventh Circuit—included strong analyses by judges who similarly questioned suspicionless border device searches." (Photo: qbac07/Flickr/cc) Views
Fourth Circuit Rules That Suspicionless Forensic Searches of Electronic Devices at the Border Are Unconstitutional
EFF has long argued that border agents need a warrant from a judge, based on probable cause of criminality, to conduct electronic device searches of any kind.
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"These are the kind of user-empowering features that some companies would rather you didn't know too much about, so don't be surprised if the only news you hear about them comes from poring over these changes to long documents." ( Photo: Wikimotive) Views
Why Am I Getting All These Terms of Service Update Emails?
Most companies that have users in Europe are scrambling to update their privacy policies and terms of service to avoid breaking this new EU law.
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Tim Berners-Lee News
'From Utopia to Dystopia' and Back Again: Internet Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee Calls for 'New Web' That Reclaims Original Democratic Principles
He dreams of a system "in which people have complete control of their own data; applications and data are separated from each other; and a user's choice for each are separate."
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"We should not let technological capability dictate what we actually deploy, just as we have made a conscious choice (through our wiretapping laws) to generally disallow surveillance cameras in public places from including microphones." (Photo: NASA Space Center) Views
A Company Announces Its Intent to Create World’s Newest Privacy Nightmare
There would be no place where one could feel secure that someone was not monitoring and recording from the sky.
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"The UN’s top human rights office concluded years ago that in order to respect the right to privacy, governments should regulate how private companies — not just police and spy agencies — treat personal data." (Photo: TY Lim / Shutterstock ) Views
Data Privacy Is a Human Right. Europe Is Moving Toward Recognizing That.
Mark Zuckerberg played dumb when Congress pressed him on privacy protections. But he should know better — the EU is already forcing his hand.
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Facebook Wants to Be Better About Privacy, Just Not With These 1.5 Billion Users
The social media giant is changing its terms of service to put 70 percent of its users "out of reach" of the European Union's sweeping new privacy law
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Congress Held Ten Hours of Hearings on Facebook. What’s Next?
After grilling Mark Zuckerberg for ten hours this past week, the big question facing Congress is, “What’s next?” The wide-ranging hearings covered everything from “fake news” to election integrity to the Cambridge Analytica scandal that spurred the hearings in the first place. Zuckerberg’s...
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CodePink News
Huge Leap in Number of Facebook Users 'Very Concerned' About Invasion of Privacy on Social Media Site
The Gallup poll was conducted in the lead-up to Facebook CEO's two-day congressional testimony to discuss the company's policies and failures to protect users' data
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Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: If You Want Privacy, You're Going to Have to Pay for It
"Facebook is really good at making money. But I wonder if your problems could be somewhat mitigated if the company didn't try to make so much."
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Facebook News
Not 50 Million, Not 87 Million... Facebook Admits Data From 'Most' of Its 2 Billion Users Compromised by 'Malicious Actors'
Buried in a company announcement was acknowledgement that nearly all of its users have been targeted to some degree
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