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ICE has long embraced technology to target immigrants.(Photo: Jim Gehrz/The Star Tribune/AP) Views
Documents Reveal ICE Using Driver Location Data From Local Police for Deportations
It’s time to take back control of our information and make sure our communities aren’t collaborating with ICE
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Sir Tim Berners-Lee News
As Web Turns 30, Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee Says 'You Should Have Complete Control of Your Data'
"The fight for the web is one of the most important causes of our time."
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surveillance camera News
Privacy Advocates Sound Alarm as CBP 'Scrambling' to Deploy Facial Recognition at Major US Airports
"The government is hurtling along a path towards its broad deployment... a deployment that seems quite unjustified and unnecessary."
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At the core of Zuckerberg’s announcement is Facebook’s plan to merge its three messaging platforms: Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram’s Direct, and WhatsApp. (Photo: Screenshot/EFF) Views
A Privacy-Focused Facebook? We'll Believe It When We See It.
Above all, Facebook needs to be transparent about its business model
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NSA graphic News
NSA Has Halted Mass Domestic Spying Program First Exposed by Snowden in 2013: GOP Aide
"It's time for this mass surveillance program to end permanently," say civil liberties advocates
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The Intercept promo News
WATCH: Naomi Klein and Shoshana Zuboff Discuss Mounting Dangers of 'Surveillance Capitalism'
The conversation follows the release of Zuboff's new book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power
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FFTF protest News
'We Are Here to Buy a Senator': Ahead of Data Privacy Hearing, Digital Rights Defenders Target Lavish Telecom-Backed Fundraiser
"This type of corruption is seen as business as usual in Washington, D.C. but it's shameful and it ought to be illegal," one demonstrator said of corporate lobbying
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To Save Independent Journalism, 'Ambitious' Proposal Urges Tax on Tech Giants That Helped Destroy News Industry
"Think of it like a carbon tax... The United States should impose a similar mechanism on targeted advertising to counteract how the platforms undermine journalism and amplify content that's polluting our civic discourse."
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This case highlights how the government has been exploiting an under-examined section of the Stored Communications Act that creates a gaping loophole to Fourth Amendment protections. (Photo:Shutterstock) Views
The Government Cannot Force E-mail Companies to Copy and Save Your Account ‘Just in Case’
Making sure that email gets proper Fourth Amendment protection is one of the ACLU’s priorities
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presser on Tuesday News
'Breathtaking and Terrifying': UN Food Relief Agency Partners With CIA-Funded Software Firm Palantir
Data privacy advocates decried the $45 million deal as "horribly irresponsible and potentially incredibly harmful."
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