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The U.S. stores upwards of 50 B-61 nuclear gravity bombs at Incirlik Views
An American General Probably Thinks- “Thanks Trump, for Putting a Target on My Back!”
In 2017, Trump gave the CIA the authority to again use assassin drones after it had been withdrawn by the Obama administration.
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A Nativity scene in the southern Califiornia city of Claremont depicting the Holy Family as a separated family held in cages at the U.S. border is sparking controversy and conversations over President Donald Trump's immigration policies. (Photo: Rev. Karen Clark Ristine/Facebook) Views
Would Refugee Baby Jesus Have Been Torn From Mary’s Arms by Trump?
These American, Christian politicians would not have admitted the holy family when they fled Herod the Great.
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President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, and Melania Trump and President Trump during the opening of an "anti-extremist" center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2017. (Photo: Saudi Press Agency) Views
Looming Impeachment Puts Trump in Company of Corrupt Mideast Leaders
Only because the masses turned against their guy did military elites step in to insist they step down. Think about that.
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Popular Protest: Just How Effective Is It?
The uprisings are many, but are they enough?
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Shortly before April’s election, the Trump administration offered Netanyahu a campaign fillip by recognising Israel’s illegal annexation of the Golan Heights, territory Israel seized from Syria in 1967. (Photo: Mark A. Wilson) Views
Forget Trump’s 'Deal of the Century.' Israel Was Always on Course to Annexation
Ultimately, Israel wants the Palestinians gone entirely, squeezed out into neighbouring Arab states, such as Egypt and Jordan
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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Views
Pompeo's US Jingoism and Anti-Iran Warmongering Rejected by Mideast Public
In both Egypt, where Pompeo spoke, and in Iraq, which he had just visited, over 90 percent of the population has an unfavorable view of the United States
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Mike Pompeo's Cairo Speech Denounced as Ahistorical 'Imperial Hogwash'
"An arrogant tirade extolling the U.S. as a liberator not an occupier, a defender not an aggressor—a depiction that runs totally counter to the sordid U.S. history of invasions and occupations all over the world."
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Detained Reuters journalist Kyaw Soe Oo and Wa Lone News
Watchdog Raises Alarm About 'New Normal' as Hundreds of Journalists Worldwide Jailed for Doing Their Jobs
"The terrible global assault on journalists that has intensified in the past few years shows no sign of abating."
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U.S. President Donald Trump welcomes Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi News
Egypt Responds to Trump's Lifting of Military Aid Ban by Sentencing 75 Anti-Coup Protesters to Death
"The decision to release the funds despite a significant deterioration in the rights situation in Egypt is both baffling and troubling."
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Trump Uses Mosque Attack to Promote Muslim Ban as Death Toll Tops 300
More than two dozen children are among the dead
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