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The IEA has a mandate “to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy.” (Photo: Electrek) Views
Business Leaders, Investors, and Experts to IEA: Align With Paris and Help Us Plan for Success
As it stands, even the IEA’s so-called “climate scenario” is encouraging massive continued investment in fossil fuels that we cannot burn if we are to stay within the Paris limits
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Flouting the will of the people, mocking the voices calling for change and anchoring our future to the dirty fuels of the past is a formula for failure. (Photo: Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) Views
Senate Rejection of Green New Deal Won't Slow Americans' Desire for Climate Action
It’s long past time for us to speak directly to our leaders and remind them what government by the people is all about
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Extinction Rebellion York members march through York demanding the council declare a climate emergency. (Photo: Golam Rabbani) Views
‘We’re Only Getting Started on our Climate Campaign’
Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a environmental direct action network that has been actively engaging in civil disobedience since October 2018
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The Green New Deal: A Strategy for a More Equal United States
How protecting our planet could help us build an economy that works for all working people
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Students from the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement during a climate change protest in London on 15 February. (Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA) Views
Thank you, Climate Strikers. Your Action Matters and Your Power Will Be Felt
Nothing is possible without action, and almost anything is when we rise up together, as you are today
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A student with her face painted participates in a climate change protest organized by 'Youth Strike 4 Climate' in London on Feb. 15. (Photo: Facundo Arrizabalaga / EPA-EFE / REX) Views
Students are Striking for Action on Climate Change—a Truancy Everyone Should Applaud
Maybe, at least for a day, there’s more education to be found out in the street. Instead of studying history, it’s time to make it.
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100 corporations (e.g. ExxonMobil, Shell, and state entities) continue to be the source of 71% of total global carbon dioxide emissions. x (Photo: Minale Tattersfield/Flickr/cc) Views
Who Will Displace the Omniciders?
The only reason Congress has been an oil, gas, and coal toady, instead of an efficient, renewable energy force, is because we have sat on the sidelines watching ExxonMobil be Congress’ quarterback
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Collaboration among scientists, policymakers, social scientists, humanists, and community leaders is key to contending with the Anthropocene. (Photo: Grassroots Global Justice Alliance) Views
Why the “Anthropocene” Is Not “Climate Change”
Slowing climate change is crucial but navigating its challenges is only possible if it is understood as one facet of planetary overshoot
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Striking for the Right to a Future
On saying 'yes' to something better and the courage to say 'no'
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“Nonviolent discipline, as the research shows, is the No. 1 criterion for maximizing the potential for success.”(Photo: Mr.Fish) Views
Extinction Rebellion
“It is our sacred duty to rebel in order to protect our homes, our future, and the future of all life on Earth.”
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