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Medicare for All Proponent Ady Barkan Urges Supporters to Demand Dems Have 'Real Healthcare Debate'
"We want ABC and Univision to put healthcare front and center."
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One Nation United By Hygge: Weary Americans Welcome Their Enlightened New Danish Owners
Photo collage by Denmark Meteorology Institute and Wonkette Okay so maybe little Donnie can't buy Greenland, the latest shiny object of his cold dark dumb heart's desire, after snickering pols there and in Denmark retorted in no uncertain terms it's “ open for business, but not for sale,” and what...
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Workers at nonprofits often experience overwork and burn out. The answer is a union. (Getty Images)   Views
The Answer To Burn Out At Work Isn’t "Self-Care"—It’s Unionizing
Being in a union means that you and your coworkers work together to fix the problems at your workplace, and then negotiate for solutions with management.
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Social Security is 84 today. Notwithstanding constant attacks by many, Social Security’s current projected shortfall, modest in size and still years away, is not a " crisis," as too many politicians assert, but a call for simple maintenance. If your car needs an oil change, it's not a crisis. But if you do nothing, and wait until your engine is blown, it can become a crisis. (Photo: Joey Gannon/Wikimedia/cc) Views
Social Security Isn’t in Crisis. It Just Needs a Tune-Up
Democrats appear increasingly ready to take the necessary action, but the Republican Party would just as soon let one of the nation's most popular programs die
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Activists participate in a rally urging the expansion of Social Security benefits in front of the White House July 13, 2015 in Washington, DC. Social Security Works, the AFL-CIO and additional organizations held the event to deliver 'more than 2 million petition signatures' in support of expanding Social Security benefits. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
Social Security 2100—A Path to Protecting America’s Elderly Communities
Social Security’s one shortcoming is that its benefits are extremely modest by virtually any measure. We can do so much better.
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Demonstrators spotlight the power of soil at a march in Oakland Views
Regenerative Agriculture Is Key for a Sustainable Climate and Food System
The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report shows that agriculture is responsible for 37 percent of greenhouse gas emissions
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Guatemalan migrants deported from the United States remain outside the Air Force Base after their arrival in Guatemala City on July 31, 2019. Views
All or Nothing: A Green New Deal for Central America
The Trump administration is already campaigning for the upcoming elections and its main target is an easy fragile one – migration and how to put the brakes on it. Turning Guatemala into a temporary prison has been its latest achievement.
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Deforestation Views
The Need for a Climate Action Plan That Puts Forests Front and Center Is Clearer Than Ever
Forest-related solutions are cost effective precisely because we can harness the power of nature to address climate change.
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Green cities powered only by renewable energy sources—save money, their health, and our planet.  (Photo: Eviart / Views
Climate Courage—Cities and States Matter, Too
Across America, local governments are leading the way with some of the most progressive transitions in the nation.
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UN Report Calls for Transforming Land Practices to Battle Hunger and 'Suffocating Blanket of Climate Emergency'
"There are a lot of actions that we can take now... But what some of these solutions do require is attention, financial support, enabling environments."
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