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"Congress must approve at least $1.6 billion in additional funding for safe and fair elections." News
"We're Running Out of Time to Get This Right": Congress Urged to Move Swiftly to Protect 2020 Elections From Pandemic's Mayhem
"None of us know how long this pandemic will last, and no American should have to choose between protecting their health and exercising their right to vote."
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Rev. Drs. Liz Theoharis and William Barber News
'The Poor, the Sick, the Homeless, the Children, the Low-Wage Workers': Moral Leaders Demand Coronavirus Relief for Most Vulnerable
"We are asking people to call on the White House and Congress to enact relief for the people that Jesus cared about," say the Poor People's Campaign co-chairs.
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Remember hearing at the debates that we can’t afford health care or saving the planet? (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Where’s the Money for Health Care and Saving the Planet? Well, We Clearly Have It.
The necessary response to the COVID outbreak shows how foolish politicians have been to say there's no money for the things the US—and the world—so desperately need.
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DNC chair Tom Perez stands on stage before the Democratic presidential primary debate at the Charleston Gaillard Center on February 25, 2020. News
As DNC Postpones Milwaukee Convention From July to August, Critics Say 'Absolutely Foolish' to Hold Wisconsin Primary Next Week
"The DNC is delaying a convention that was set to take place in Wisconsin in July. But the Democratic governor and Republican legislature there won't move—or cancel the in-person portion of—a primary that's happening there next Tuesday."
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Social distancing also has created other ironies for the working poor and communities disproportionately breathing in the particulates of pollution. (Photo: Derrick Jackson) Views
Fighting for a Just COVID-19 Response
The coronavirus gives us the opportunity to declare in our political and medical decisions that we will not drape the cloak of invisibility over historically neglected victims of disaster.
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Red sign hanging at the glass door of a shop saying "Closed due to coronavirus." (Photo: Getty Images) News
With Record-Shattering Unemployment, Sanders, Schumer, and Wyden Ask Trump's Labor Dept: 'Do You Have a Plan?'
"It is absolutely imperative that the millions of Americans who are eligible for unemployment benefits receive every dollar to which they are entitled as quickly as possible."
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Sara Nelson, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, told Common Dreams Wednesday that the airline industry is being watched as it tries to manage keeping employees out of the unemployment rolls. News
'Poison Pill' in Stimulus Package Could Cost Millions of Airline Jobs, Labor Leaders Say
In a letter to the Treasury Secretary Wednesday, Flight Attendant Union International President Sara Nelson and other labor leaders demanded the federal government ensure workers in the airline industry be protected.
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A Very Good Job (At Slow-Rolling, Mass Negligent Homicide)
On a day the U.S. saw over 139,000 cases and at least 2,425 deaths, the ever-classy Trump boasted his briefings' "ratings" reached "Bachelor Finale, Monday Night Football type numbers." The photo of these bodybags was taken by an anonymous New York City hospital nurse who said he wanted to show "...
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Thousands of protesters take the streets during the International Women's Day demonstration on 8 March, 2020 in Madrid, Spain (Photo: Sergio Belena / VIEWpress). Views
The Future May Be Female, But the Pandemic Is Patriarchal
Feminism in the time of Coronavirus
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Corporate America Is on Offense—Local Communities Can Be Too
This crisis calls for us to challenge the government system that is failing us. Now is an opportunity for radical collective action.
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