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Yeah, yeah, global warming, but what’s that compared to profit? (Photo: @MoBetter_B/Twitter) Views
We’re So Certain of Our Colonialist Selves That We’re Destroying Our Own Planet
The global movement to end racism must turn its attention to the world’s most vulnerable cultures—the indigenous people of Planet Earth—who are still enduring the forces of colonial genocide.
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At more than $740 billion this year, the Pentagon budget is more than 100 times the budget of the CDC—and more than 1,800 times the U.S. contribution to the World Health Organization that the president has promised to cut. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Cut the Pentagon 10 Percent, Invest in Public Health
Tanks and ships can’t save us from our greatest dangers, so let’s pay for the things that can.
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Doctors to Idiot Repubs: Listen to Fauci, Stay On Your Couchy
Five years ago, Dr. Fauci was leading the fight against Ebola as head of NIAID and its $4.4 billion research budget. Still, every day, he took a two-hour shift in the isolation unit to help treat a health care worker infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone. He cited the "unique insights into disease...
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Children with a container of drinking water in a street in the city of Tadmur, near Palmyra during the Syrian civil war. (Photo by Andrei Gryaznov\TASS via Getty Images) Views
Media Conceal—or Celebrate—Depriving Syrians of Food and Medicine
US media coverage has endorsed, downplayed or ignored the harm the sanctions will inflict on Syria’s civilian population, and the misery years of previous sanctions have already inflicted.
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This time of awakening has drawn attention to the connection and challenges we face as a nation and world. (Photo: Ralf Schlesener/ICAN) Views
Funding Nuclear Weapons at a Time of National Crisis
Nuclear weapons represent the greatest imminent existential threat to our very existence and to every social, racial, environmental and economic justice movement that we are working for, since ultimately it is all connected.
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Nepotism Barbie to Huddled Masses: Try Something New To Eat With Your Cake!
Look Daddy, I'm governmenting, sort of. Photo by AFP/Getty Marking Bastille Day though they doubtless didn't know it because, books, Trump and his clueless, plastic, handbag-designing daughter Ivanka Antoinette just launched their latest sick joke of a balm to the roughly 50 million Americans who...
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Public opinion toward Israel and Palestine is shifting. (Photo: Stop the War UK) Views
The U.S. Struggle for Justice for Palestine Begins a New Chapter
The past several months have been exhausting for everyone, but the people of Palestine need support now more than ever. This is the time to escalate our activism, not let it fade away.
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U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Task Force 3-7 soldiers ride atop an armored vehicle during a training exercise near the Iraqi border March 13, 2003 in northern Kuwait. U.S and British forces within the region continue to poise for a possible strike on Iraq. (Photo: Scott Nelson/Getty Images) Views
10 Reasons Why Defunding Police Should Lead to Defunding War
Just as we want to radically redefine the role of police in our local communities, so we must radically redefine the role of military personnel in the global community.
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House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel arrives at the Rayburn House Office Building before a hearing of the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Capitol Hill May 14, 2020 in Washington, D.C. News
After Hawkish Engel's Ouster, Progressives Demand Next Foreign Affairs Chairman Commits to 'Ending Our Endless Wars'
The House Foreign Affairs Committee chair must advance "the bold, progressive foreign policy that this country deserves."
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While there are a number of principled souls serving in Congress, for too many Members raising money and getting reelected become ends in themselves. (Photo: AIPAC/Screengrab) Views
Is AIPAC Losing Its Grip on Democrats?
AIPAC made no secret of their displeasure with elected officials who were supportive of Palestinian rights and often threatened Members of Congress that if they didn’t back off, they would be defeated.
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