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I Am Very Much Alive: America, Even the Atheists, Offers Prayerful Thanks and Multiple Organs At Latest News of RBG Cancer
RBG arrives to Obama's address to joint session of Congress in 2009. Photo by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Reuters Panic rippled briefly across our battered national landscape Friday when the Supreme Court revealed 86-year-old, seemingly indomitable Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has faced down cancer...
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It will only succeed if the public rallies to it, urgently seeking to limit the damage to their children’s and grandchildren’s lives done by carbon dioxide, methane, and the rest. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Bernie Sanders’ Manhattan Project: The Game-Changing Green New Deal
The selfish and greedy elites of the US Establishment will attempt to kill this plan just in the same way that they are killing the planet.
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President Trump said Wednesday that any American Jew who votes Democrat is being "very disloyal to Jewish people and very disloyal to Israel." News
Trump's "Fake Concern" for Jews Doesn't Mask His Anti-Semitism, Say Critics
"By his continued encouragement of white supremacy and his daily racist attacks on immigrants and people of color, Trump is making the American Jewish community less safe by the day."
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DoD tests missile News
'Nuclear Weapons Arms Race Is Here': Russians, Anti-Nuke Experts Denounce US Missile Test
A spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin said that "such tests only proved that from the very start, the Americans were determined to derail the INF Treaty and were making preparations for it."
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In 'Astounding' Exchange Rare for Corporate Media, Peter Beinart Calls on US Lawmakers to Witness Firsthand the Plight of Palestinians
"The first time I went to spend time with Palestinians in the West Bank, it was a shattering experience...People need to go and see for themselves."
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The British seized the Iranian tanker at the urging of the United States. (Photo: Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Why the World Is Watching the Fate of an Iranian Tanker in the Mediterranean
Greece, unlike the U.S., has taken the position that Iran has "the right to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes alone."
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It's A Good Day For A Choke Hold: This Is Our (Lamentable) Country
Black Lives Matter protest in NYC 2016. Photo by Benedict Evans/Redux It took five years of advocacy and righteous rage for NYC cop Daniel Panteleo to face even minor consequences - losing his job but alas not his freedom - for choking Eric Garner to death with his own two hands in broad daylight...
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While the U.S. has the most powerful military machine in history, it is also incomparably the most expensive – and members of Congress work aggressively to maintain it. (Photo: Scott Nelson/Getty Images) Views
One Budget Line Congress Can Agree On: Spending Billions on the US Military
Americans are increasingly insulated and isolated from the political, economic and human costs of warfare.
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These war crimes promise to continue unless the U.S. military completely withdraws from Afghanistan. Views
The Foreign Policy Litmus Test for Democrats in 2020
As the carnage continues with no end in sight, all of the Democratic candidates should be making immediate and complete U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and indeed, all countries in which the United States is fighting, a central pillar of their platforms.
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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, pictured in Beijing, China in November 2018, called on the world Sunday to watch neighboring India's right-wing tilt. News
Pakistan PM Imran Khan Calls on World to Pay Attention to India's "Fascist, Racist Hindu Supremacist Ideology and Leadership"
Indian PM Narendra Modi reportedly rejected the comparison in a Monday phone conversation with US President Donald Trump
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