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It has been obvious to many that the nation needs significant reform in health care funding and in the delivery of health care so that all in the U.S. have access to health care without financial impediment. (Photo: Rrenner—CC BY-SA 3.0) Views
Federal Investment for Public Health—or for Endless Wars?
One needs only to look at the Pentagon budget to find a ready source of funding for basic human needs.
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Why does it take a pandemic to get the world to stop fighting? Are we being led by 3-year-olds?  (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Can We Achieve Nuclear Adulthood?
Half the money the world spends on militarism—including nukes —every year is hemorrhaged by the United States of America.
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With US and Iran 'A Spark Away' From Devastating Conflict, Trump Vetoes War Powers Resolution
"Trump has gone out of his way to trample both the powers of Congress and the will of the people, all in order to bring us closer to a catastrophic war with Iran and distract from his failures to address this global pandemic."
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Bursting the Bubble: Mourning and Whining In America
Screenshot from Lincoln Project ad "Mourning in America" Day by day, the malignant narcissist disintegrates, in all his public, ugly, car-crash horror. Increasingly, he is saying the quiet parts aloud: In a fumbling , paper-crumpling ABC interview, he blithely asked more Americans to die for...
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We should take the best from the past—planning, coordinating, internationalism, and action—and move forward with a common agenda for systemic transformation. (Photo: Twitter via TeleSUR) Views
Planetize the Movement!
Our movements need to coalesce to make the present moment of populism and hegemonic decline an advantageous one for a Great Transition—this time toward a global socialist-feminist democracy built through the synergy of a new international and revitalized World Social Forum.
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To Trump’s critics, it hardly matters that “America First” in no way describes actual administration policy.  (Photo: RocketLip/flickr/cc) Views
A Greatest Generation We Are Not
From a moment of victory to a time of pandemic.
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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro describes how mercenaries attempting a coup failed miserably on Sunday morning. News
'Simply Unacceptable': Progressives Condemn Apparent Mercenary Coup Attempt on Venezuela in Midst of Pandemic
"The U.S. is looking for excuses to invade Venezuela, and that is why it uses mercenaries."
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The Novel Coronavirus and Nuclear Weapons
As with viruses, containment of atomic weapons may be good, but eradication is best.
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The Hate That Is Among Us
Idiots on parade in Michigan. Photo by AFP via Getty. The apparent decision by "a stunningly dysfunctional White House" hellbent on re-electing a sociopathic toddler to heedlessly pursue re- opening the country - thus committing "large-scale negligent homicide" and needlessly sacrificing up to 240,...
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A man wearing a mask checks his phone in Times Square in New York on March 22, 2020.(Photo: Kena Betancur / AFP - Getty Images) Views
Beware the Pentagon's Pandemic Profiteers
Hasn't the military-industrial complex taken enough of our money?
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