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 A woman named Mary at the Mangaten IDP Camp in South Sudan holds up her hands, which bear the message, "Peace will give us our home back." News
Oxfam Report Details 'Catastrophic Failure' of Efforts to Coordinate Global Ceasefire During Covid-19 Crisis
"Managing coronavirus is hard enough when a country is at peace but fueling conflict on top of a pandemic is reprehensible."
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If all this seems like silliness from a satirical sitcom, it is. (Photo: Chris Millter/@chrizmillr) Views
Trump Blasts Into a New Frontier...for War
The Pentagon presently spends a whopping $14 billion a year on space operations. In short, there's no need for this thing...except for Trump's political needs.
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Too Fast, Too Soon
Austin. Indivisible photos Because grim times call for grim measures, members of the progressive group Indivisible laid body bags overseen by the Grim Reaper at Florida's and Arizona's statehouses and Texas' governor's mansion Tuesday to protest their GOP governors' reckless moves to push ahead...
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Congress must, at a minimum, make a concerted effort to block Trump from starting a war because we’re in danger of foreclosing diplomacy with Iran for future presidents. (Photo: bakdc / Views
After Trump Vetoed the Iran War Powers Resolution, Congress Must Continue to Act
The bipartisan majority that has come together on this issue should not stop working to enact legislation to reclaim its war powers and block Trump from taking us to war with Iran.
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Reflecting on my own time as a soldier deployed to combat in Afghanistan, I hope that Covid-19 causes us to redefine what "patriotism" and "national security" really should mean. (Photo: Arby Reed/cc/flickr) Views
Celebrated to Death: Memorial Day Is Killing Us
The betrayal of the American soldier.
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Photo from Telesur (via People’s Dispatch, 5/6/20) of captured mercenaries in Venezuela. Views
Corporate Media Don’t Think Americans Paid to Invade Venezuela Count as Mercenaries
It’s clear that the men behind the La Guaira invasion aren’t described as mercenaries because the US government and media alike favor regime change in Venezuela.
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The Atrocities, Documented
More lies. Getty Image Trump's Monday presser, after a weekend of rage-tweeting, was a wowzer. Yes, he stormed offstage after a racist, sexist meltdown, offering further welcome proof in this difficult time of his cool competence under fire. It also featured a host of other atrocities - thanks to...
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While support for Palestinian self-determination represents a departure from the status quo in US politics, it actually mirrors a shift in opinion among the Democratic Party’s electorate.  (Photo: Stop the War UK) Views
The Fight for the Democratic Platform on Racial Justice, Palestine
The Biden campaign and the DNC must consider the voters they lose by not broadening their platforms on racial justice as conceived by progressives—voters who no longer make Palestine the exception to their progressive values.
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President Donald Trump talks with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jared Kushner in Jerusalem, May 22, 2017. News
The Elders Issue Scathing Rebuke of Israel's Trump-Approved West Bank Annexation Plan
"The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians can only ever be solved by finding a solution that guarantees peace, security, rights, and dignity to both peoples. Unilaterally seizing territory and ignoring international law achieves precisely the opposite."
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The election of Donald Trump was the byproduct of our partisan dysfunction. (Photo: Matthew Busch/Getty Images) Views
The End of US Empire: Covid-19 Exposes Once-Great Superpower as Epic Failure
While his base continues to be mesmerized by the "emperor’s new clothes," the world stands aghast at the naked truth that America is not only incapable of leading the world, but also failing to protect its own people.
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