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Bush first said he wanted to attack Iraq because it was close to having a nuclear weapon. This was a damned lie. Iraq did not even have an active nuclear research program, and UN inspectors who had been on the ground there until 1998 so attested. (Photo: h/t Wikimedia Commons.) Views
If Only the US Had That $6.4 Trillion It Wasted on Iraq and Afghanistan Wars to Fight Covid-19 Pandemic
Not only did we waste $6.4 trillion, we continue to wast trillions more on war industries that don’t actually do us any good or make us perceptibly safer.
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US Blocks UN Global Ceasefire Resolution, Objecting to Indirect Reference to World Health Organization
"It's bad enough that Trump is responsible for so many deaths in his own country, now he is actively complicit in causing even more across the globe."
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To Be A Black Man In America
Protesters in Georgia. AP photo The too-little-too-late wheels of justice are slowly turning in the murder Ahmaud Arbery, gunned down while jogging in Georgia for the crime of the color of his skin - another black life pointlessly reduced to a hashtag. As thousands ran Friday to honor what would...
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Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo delivers remarks at the United Against Nuclear Iran Summit in New York City on September 25, 2018. (Photo: State Department photo) Views
Pressuring Iran Is Not the Answer to the US’s Middle East Woes
Military escalation against Iran would be reckless and counterproductive. It would keep the U.S. bogged down in a permanent confrontation against what is fundamentally a weak country that poses no clear threat to U.S. national security.
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Healthcare workers wave to thank people for taking part in a cars parade outside the Eatonville Care Center in Toronto, Canada, on April 28, 2020 (Picture by Zou Zheng/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images.) Views
Can COVID-19 Positively Change Perceptions on Migration?
The awareness that threats do not stop at borders and that migration is essential, might open avenues for a renewed debate on migration.
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Many mistakenly believe the U.N. already possesses such a force — the “U.N. Blue Helmets.”  (Photo: Flickr) Views
An Army of Humanity to Fight Crimes Against Humanity
A UNRDF would give individual citizens all around the world the ability to volunteer to do more than just “serve their countries.” It would give them the opportunity to serve humanity.
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A 2019 coalition study found that U.S.-led forces in Iraq and Syria killed 1,302 people, but Amnesty International disputed that number as too low. News
Critics Charge Pentagon 'Still Undercounting' Civilians Killed by US Military Overseas
"The difficult work of credibly investigating the aftermath of operations is the responsibility of the governments who engage in lethal actions."
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It has been obvious to many that the nation needs significant reform in health care funding and in the delivery of health care so that all in the U.S. have access to health care without financial impediment. (Photo: Rrenner—CC BY-SA 3.0) Views
Federal Investment for Public Health—or for Endless Wars?
One needs only to look at the Pentagon budget to find a ready source of funding for basic human needs.
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Why does it take a pandemic to get the world to stop fighting? Are we being led by 3-year-olds?  (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Can We Achieve Nuclear Adulthood?
Half the money the world spends on militarism—including nukes —every year is hemorrhaged by the United States of America.
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With US and Iran 'A Spark Away' From Devastating Conflict, Trump Vetoes War Powers Resolution
"Trump has gone out of his way to trample both the powers of Congress and the will of the people, all in order to bring us closer to a catastrophic war with Iran and distract from his failures to address this global pandemic."
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