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A street vendor's cart in lower Manhattan, March 18, 2020. (Photo: Albin Lohr-Jones/PA.) Views
The Impact of COVID-19 Is All Down to Inequality
Coronavirus must change the neoliberal rationale, and rescue the social contract between the welfare state and the market economy that can plan to prevent the crises to come.
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My hope is that we are at the dawn of a revolution of awareness. (Photo: Noah Seelam/AFP/Getty Images) Views
What World Shall We Create?
From the war on terror to the war on crime to the war on weeds, we have failed.
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We're Rolling/ My Sweetheart/ We're Flowing/ By God
Photo by Rett Rogers Goddamn. A tough one. We mourn the gut-punching loss of singular songwriter, storyteller, poet, bard, meat-loaf-eating good ole boy and lovely human being John Prine, whose deep, wry, bittersweet songs of everyday life have helped so many get through so much. For almost two...
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Climate change protesters disrupt Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden during a campaign event on October 9, 2019 in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Photo: Scott Eisen/Getty Images) News
'Return to Normalcy' Not Going to Be Enough to Win Our Support, Young Progressives Tell Joe Biden
"Why would we want a return to normalcy? We need a vision for the future, not a return to the past."
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Venezuelan soldiers prepare for war… against COVID-19. (Photo: Twitter @Planifica_Fanb) Views
The U.S. Should Fight COVID, Not Venezuela
The implications of this should be evident: Venezuela has a substantial population that will resist any invasion or coup.
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The measures currently being imposed are unprecedented in their global scale and restrictions on liberties. (Photo: Jonathan McIntosh/cc/flickr) Views
The Surveillance Industry Won’t Save Us From Crises
Turning to the security industry isn’t the solution: it’s a symptom of the problem.
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Americans, like people in many countries, hold onto oddly inaccurate nostalgia about how war brings us together as a nation. (Photo: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images) Views
Why 'Waging War' on Coronavirus Is a Dangerous Metaphor
Wars are used as excuses for dismissing concerns for justice or human rights, claiming that these concerns are distractions from the "real" mission.
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The Man Is A Hero
Navy photo In a sorrowful time when "a true patriot gets fired for doing the right thing," the Navy captain ousted for blowing the whistle on Navy inaction as coronavirus ravaged his crew walked off his ship Friday to the stirring sound of thousands of sailors chanting, "Cap-tain Cro-zier! Cap-tain...
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Ideally, nuclear weapon arsenals will be recognized as a crazed burden we must finally shed if we’ve any hope of surviving our past recklessness.  (Photo: A B53 nuclear bomb at the Pantex facility in Texas/NNSA/flickr/cc) Views
'He’s Got Eight Numbers, Just Like Everybody Else': An Anti-Nuclear Activist Behind Bars
Trident nuclear disarmament activist Steve Kelly, a Jesuit priest, begins his third year imprisoned in a county jail as he and his companions await sentencing.
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Neoliberal capitalism will not, and cannot, provide universal health care. (Photo: Jonny White/cc/flickr) Views
The Message—and Meaning—of COVID-19
Coronavirus is neoliberalism’s Chernobyl.
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