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Red apples (Braeburn) in tray for transport and display in European Union. (Photo: Soren Breiting) News
What Not to Eat: the Truth about Food
Low-fat is good, butter is bad; buy free-range, not battery; tofu's terrific, lard's a killer... Messages about what we should and shouldn't eat bombard us on a daily basis. So what are we to believe? And what about the cost to the planet? Rose Prince unravels the myths and explains what we need to...
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Hotter, Faster, Worser
Over the past several months, the normally restrained voice of science has taken on a distinct note of panic when it comes to global warming. How did we go from debating the "uncertainty" behind climate science to near hysterical warnings from normally sober scientists about irrevocable and...
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Battle Rages with Ecuador Indians Over Jungle Oil
QUITO - In a steamy jungle of winding laurel trees and sprawling palms, a battle is raging between Ecuadorean Indians trying to protect land rights and oil companies who want to drill in the Amazon. In the northern Amazon, Indians are suing a U.S. oil company over environmental damage they say...
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