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Nemonte Nenquimo with Waorani elders. (Photo by Jeronimo Zuñiga, Amazon Frontlines) Views
A Message of Indigenous Resistance and Inspiration From the Amazon
Our fight is not just a fight about oil — it’s a fight about a different way of living
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Call me cynical, but I’d bet those Giving Tuesday dollars that Amazon’s giving to fight homelessness will come as cold comfort to those in Long Island City and Crystal City who are about to be made homeless. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Views
Amazon Gives to End Homelessness? That’s Rich.
This is the same trillion dollar corporation that just extracted billions of taxpayer dollars in what amount to bribes from two cash-strapped states: Virginia and New York
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Skip Cyber Monday—Support a Real Local Business
The online shopping day is just another ploy by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to siphon sales from real stores
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Calling for 'Corridor of Life and Culture,' Indigenous Groups From Amazon Propose Creation of Largest Protected Area on Earth
"We have come from the forest and we worry about what is happening."
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The Voices of Amazon Women and a Visionary Declaration to Protect Indigenous Lands
"Kawsak Sacha is important because it is something we have always lived with despite the Western world not recognizing it. We want others to understand, recognize and feel that the jungle is not just a jungle, it is full of life, and humans and nature can share and exchange together."
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Between 2010 and 2017, according to Brookings, nearly half of the America’s employment growth centered in just 20 large metro areas, now home to about a third of the U.S. population. (Photo: Reed Saxon/AP) Views
Amazon Is Everything That's Wrong With America
As the American middle class disappears, the two groups falling perilously behind are white, rural, non-college Trumpsters, and the urban poor
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80 Years Since the Holocaust Began: Can We Stop Fascism Today?
"The speedy rise of fascism always seems to hit the world by surprise. Yet what we're witnessing did not begin with the Bolsonaros, Trumps or Dutertes, just as German fascism did not begin with Hitler."
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U.S. national security adviser John Bolton delivered remarks on the Trump administration's policies in Latin America at Miami Dade College's National Historic Landmark Freedom Tower in Miami, Florida. News
Praising Openly Fascist Bolsonaro as 'Like-Minded,' John Bolton Hails Brazilian Strongman as Welcome Ally in Crushing Latin American Left
"This is frankly terrifying. A wave of fascism is sweeping the globe, led by Trump and his malevolent, unhinged cronies."
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No Other Choice, Says Web Pioneer Tim Berners-Lee: Tech Giants Like Google and Facebook Must Be Broken Up
"I am disappointed with the current state of the web. We have lost the feeling of individual empowerment and to a certain extent also I think the optimism has cracked."
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"Bolsonaro has promised to merge the country’s environmental ministry with the agricultural one, with a view to fast-tracking large-scale agricultural expansion." (Photo: Fabio Teixeira/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images) Views
Bolsonaro: A Despot Who “Spells Disaster, Not Only for Brazil But for the Planet”
Those fighting for environmental protection or indigenous rights in Brazil need our support and they need it now
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