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Citing $750 Million Tax Break for Amazon While Students Suffer, Teachers Walk Out in Virginia
"While legislators in the Virginia legislature debate giving enormous handouts to Amazon for HQ2, public school teachers struggle with less than adequate school funding, low wages, and more."
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The Gulkana Glacier in the Alaska Range, like most glaciers globally, is losing mass rapidly. Some experts predict that every alpine glacier in the world will be gone by 2100. (Photo: Dahr Jamail) Views
'We Can't Undo This': On a Planet in Crisis
The heat’s on us
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'As World Teeters on Brink of Climate Catastrophe,' 600+ Groups Demand Congress Back Visionary Green New Deal
"We need action on climate that ends our dependence on dirty energy, puts power in the hands of communities, and provides good jobs."
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From Dismal Worker Treatment to Soaring Housing Costs, Seattle Lawmakers Warn New York About What Happens When Amazon Comes to Town
"New York City should learn something from Seattle. Amazon's record of mistreating workers, preying on small businesses, and attacking progressive reforms should concern us all. New Yorkers deserve better."
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How Capitalism Is Killing Us
And how we may have passed the 'point of no return'
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We must all bear witness to what is happening in the Amazon. For the sake of its people, for the sake of the forest as well as for the sake of the climate. (Valdemir Cunha / Greenpeace) Views
Within Hours of Taking Office, “Trump of the Tropics” Starts Assault on the Amazon
Bolsonaro’s policies could triple deforestation in the Amazon. If this happens, the so-called lungs of the world, will collapse.
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Striking workers outside Amazon's San Fernando de Henares warehouse in Spain. News
An Example for Mistreated 'Workers Across the Globe,' Spanish Amazon Employees on Strike
"This is the richest company in the world and they want to keep profiting by taking away workers' rights"
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Anti-Bolsonaro protesters chanted the slogan "Ele Não," or "Not Him" at a demonstration on September 29, 2018 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. News
As Trump Applauds Brazil's New Fascist President, Bolsonaro Wastes No Time Attacking Environment and Marginalized Brazilians
Two days into his term, Bolsonaro has already unveiled orders infringing on the rights of indigenous and LGBTQ Brazilians
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Ahead of Bolsonaro's Inauguration in Brazil, Groups Vow to Fight 'Hateful Rhetoric and Acts of Violence, Intimidation, or Persecution'
"The election of right-wing extremist Jair Bolsonaro as Brazil's next president represents a crisis for indigenous rights, the Amazon rainforest, and our global climate."
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A number of human rights and humanitarian organizations have even launched the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots with the goal of adopting an international ban on the development and deployment of fully autonomous weapons systems. (Photo: Sharron Ward/Campaign to Stop Killer Robots/Facebook) Views
The Coming of Hyperwar: "Alexa, Launch Our Nukes!"
Artificial intelligence and the future of war
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