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"As the explosive Group of Seven, or G7, summit in Quebec showed, the Trump administration is increasingly isolating itself from its allies in palpable ways and, in the process, significantly impairing the country’s negotiating power." (Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Imperial President or Emperor With No Clothes?
How Donald Trump’s trade wars could lead to a great depression.
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"In this moment of growing Islamophobia, at a time when a president has a desire to simply ban foreign Muslims and cast American ones as the worst of the worst, it’s just one more step into my fears of the future." (Photo: Sue Ogrocki / AP) Views
Donald Trump’s America: Already Hell Enough for This Muslim-American
Why I can't help but wonder, at least in my bleaker moments, whether there will be any coming back from the dark destination we seem headed toward
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A Palestinian searches through rubble of his destroyed home hit by Israeli strikes in Towers Al-andaa—the northern Gaza Strip. (Photo: UN Photo/Shareef Sarhan/flickr/cc) Views
Nine Reasons Israel Is Not a ‘Progressive Paradise’
Progressives realizing the realities of the state of Israel are precisely why Democrats are continuing to sympathize more and more with Palestinians.
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 "Graham’s message was principally one of fear." (Photo: Duncan Holmes/flickr/cc) Views
Billy Graham: An Old Soldier Fades Away
An Obituary
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Because This Is 2018, An Actual Nazi Is the GOP Candidate For An Illinois Congressional Seat, and He's Even On the TeeVee Further
Because This Is 2018, An Actual Nazi Is the GOP Candidate For An Illinois Congressional Seat, and He's Even On the TeeVee
Leaving Roy Moore and his paltry pedophile tendencies in the dust, Arthur Jones - in-your-face Nazi, vehement Holocaust denier, devoted white supremacist and oh yeah GOP candidate for Illinois’ 3rd District, argued in an interview Thursday on CNN’s “New Day” that he's not really a Nazi anymore,...
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How to Read Donald Trump
On Burning Books But Not Ideas
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But millions of Americans were willing to overlook how he appealed to the worst instincts of ignorant people who mysteriously believe that Adolf Hitler, the KKK grand wizards and other fascist bigots have the right answers to improve their sorry lives. Views
Trump's a Racist — Don't Tell Me Otherwise
I have to admit I began loathing Donald Trump the day he accused Barack Obama of being born in Kenya, insinuating he wasn't an American citizen and really was a Muslim. Here was one of the country's supposedly richest men, who commanded unlimited TV appearances, was the subject of numerous...
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"If only someone running our government read history.  Or even read," writes Lynn Sherr. Views
Collaboration: Be Careful Who You Work With
At a time when precise language has gone missing from the White House, how best to describe those Republicans still loyal to President Trump?
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Boy Scouts Jamboree Compared to Hitler Youth Rally After Trump's Speech
President's appearance transformed a traditionally non-partisan event into a pro-Trump rally
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Feeling Not Quite So Hopeless in a World on the Skids
Why the Resistance is fertile, not futile
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