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Equal rights advocates march in front of the White House in 2017. News
LGBTQ Advocates Cheer Historic Victory After US House Passes Equality Act
"This vote is a monumental step forward in the fight for true, lived equality for LGBTQ people."
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On World Press Freedom Day, 10 Reasons Why Press Freedom Matters
A vibrant, critical, free press is absolutely fundamental to a functioning democracy
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Detained Myanmar journalist Kyaw Soe Oo carrying his daughter is escorted by police for his ongoing trial at a court in Yangon on June 12, 2018. (Photo: CNN) Views
The Alarming Assault on the Free Press
This year on World Press Freedom Day, it is time to remind ourselves and our governments about this essential liberty, and to recommit ourselves to the steps necessary to protect it
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A rainbow flag is held up outside the Supreme Court News
Setting Stage for 'Landmark Moment for Equality,' Supreme Court to Hear Cases on Workplace LGBTQ Discrimination
"The impact of this decision will have very real consequences for millions of LGBTQ people across the country."
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Passengers at LAX using biometric boarding. News
'So Overboard It Should Be Illegal': Use of Facial Recognition in Airports Draws Anger
"It's actually the U.S. government that's implementing the biometric matching system that does all the hard analysis and crunching of the data."
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The Christchurch Terrorist's Manifesto Is a Hideous Document, But Banning Possession of It Is Not the Solution
In the end, I feel more endangered by laws authorizing censorship than by right-wing fanatics
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This broken system violates the First Amendment because it infringes both the authors’ right to speak as well as the public’s right to hear them. (Photo: Victoria Pickering/ Flickr) Views
The Government’s System of Censoring Its Former Employees Is Unconstitutional
The system is so opaque that many others aren’t even aware of their obligations to submit
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The government has dismissed Native Americans, state farmers and ranchers, and residents of nearby states who opposed the pipeline as outside agitators. (Photo: David Goldman/ AP) Views
The South Dakota Legislature Has Invented a New Legal Term to Target Pipeline Protesters
The new law gives the state the authority to sue individuals and organizations for “riot boosting,” but it does not clearly describe what speech or conduct it considers to be “riot boosting.”
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Nunes’ lawsuit will almost certainly be thrown out. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty) Views
Devin Nunes Has a Cow, and Free Speech Is Endangered
The California congressman’s lawsuit against a cow parody account is ridiculous, but it’s also dangerous
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"The Guardian" or "Authority of Law" statue by James Earle Frasier in front of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington, DC. News
'Terrible News': US Supreme Court Rules for Indefinite Detention of Immigrants
"A major setback for civil liberties."
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