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If Trump Wants to 'Talk About Our Missiles,' Says Iranian Foreign Minister, US Must Stop Pouring Theirs Into Middle East
"If you want to discuss ballistic missiles, then we need to discuss the amount of weapons sold to our region."
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Arms exhibition in Abu Dhabi (Photo: z.o.y.a via Shutterstock) Views
It’s Time to Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
Congress should work to close off the other main avenue of U.S. support for the Saudi-led coalition—the sale of bombs, combat aircraft, armored vehicles, attack helicopters, and other equipment to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the two primary perpetrators of the humanitarian crisis in Yemen
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A boy stands on rubble News
Leaked Docs Show Saudis 'Overwhelmingly Dependent' on Western Weapons to Wage War on Yemen
"The West can stop the carnage. But it chooses profit over life."
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Congress has done little to demand accountability for war crimes in Yemen. (Photo: Mohammed Hamoud/Getty Images) Views
Why Congress Must Act Now on Yemen
The war has contributed to the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, with a spike in cholera cases in recent weeks and about 80 percent of the population, or 24 million people, requiring humanitarian assistance
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Despite 'War Crimes' Concerns in Yemen, Raytheon Nabs $1.6 Billion Arms Deal With UAE
Announcement comes as resolution to end U.S. complicity in Yemen war edges toward Senate vote
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A girl eats boiled leaves from a local vine to stave off starvation in the district of Aslam, Hajjah, Yemen. (Photo: Hammadi Issa / AP) Views
Is the End of the Brutal War in Yemen Finally at Hand?
Congressional strategists and activists who have been working on the issue believe passage of the war powers measure will force Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman to the negotiating table
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The war on Yemen has to end to prevent the near-death of the Yemeni people. (Photo: Felton Davis/flickr/cc) Views
Yemen Remains on the Precipice of a Large-Scale Famine
The UN and U.S. Senate weigh in, but will their actions be enough to bring peace?
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The Long, Brutal U.S. War on Children in the Middle East
Why the movements that pressured the U.S. Senate to reject current U.S. foreign policy regarding Saudi Arabia and its war on Yemen must continue to raise their voices
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This week the Senate can impose a reality check on the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia by voting to end the shameful U.S. role in the Saudi and United Arab Emirates (UAE) war in Yemen. (Photo: Bumble Dee via Shutterstock) Views
Trump Runs PR for the Saudis But Congress Can Shut Him Down
If the bill passes, the Senate could stop the president’s plan for more war in the region in its tracks
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Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) News
Denouncing GOP Efforts to Block War Powers Vote as an 'Outrage,' Khanna Vows to Keep Fighting to End US Complicity in Yemen
"They're not just hurting children in Yemen and the humanitarian crisis," Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna said of House Republicans. "They're undermining their own role as members of Congress."
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