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To restore localized structures, we will need to enact a series of systemic changes to the way the global economy functions. (Photo: John Benford/Aurora Photos/Getty Images) Views
Resist Locally, Renew Globally
Resistance to corporate rule at the policy level will need to be coupled with the generation of alternatives from below, to fill the gaps left by the departing old system.
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The goal of the human rights cities movement is to support local work that builds a bottom-up movement for a world where human rights are truly universal and indivisible. (Photo: Wendy Stone/Corbis via Getty Images) Views
Human Rights from the Ground Up
Bottom-up action and local identities are not only viable as foundations for a global movement, but they are also essential if we are to mobilize the collective energies and creativity needed to address today’s existential crises.
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Perhaps slowbalization is exactly what the planet needs right now. (Robert Thomson via Wikimedia Commons) Views
'Slowbalization': Is the Slowing Global Economy a Boon or Bane?
Some economists worry the world has passed “peak globalization.” But that could be good for the planet.
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A protester makes a gesture during a protest on June 12, 2019 in Hong Kong, China. (Photo: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images)   Views
Hong Kong Protesters and Militant Chinese Workers Point the Way to a New Kind of Internationalism
We can remain warily optimistic that, regardless of the system of government that rules over them, workers and civil society are still the force from which even the most powerful states derive legitimacy.
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In West Africa, the African continent’s most unequal region, the richest 1 percent hold more net worth than the entire bottom 99 percent. (Photo credit should read FATI ABUBAKAR/AFP/Getty Images) Views
A Lesson from West Africa, a Global Inequality Ground Zero
To end poverty at the bottom of our economic orders, we need to stop wealth from concentrating at the top.
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A recent global poll from the International Trade Union Confederation found that an overwhelming 84 percent of all respondents judged their national minimum wage to be insufficient for a decent life. (Photo: SEIU) Views
The Time Has Come for a Global Minimum Wage
As the International Labour Organization celebrates its 100th anniversary, it should embrace the chance to stop the global race to the bottom
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The migration crisis is, more accurately, a crisis of displacement. It is the product of a model of globalization that prioritizes the profits of a few over the lives of the many. (Photo by Orlando Sierra/Stringer/Getty Images) Views
The Right to Stay Home
Welcoming migrants is not enough—We need to change the global economy of displacement
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The key to victory is therefore to unite workers across borders. (Photo by Abraham Mwuara, United Electrical Workers / Flickr) Views
Unions Can Take on International Fights—and Win
Fresh off a strike in Erie, PA, the United Electrical Workers are a model of the working-class internationalism that can build a more just world
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Trump and his supporters want that wall to prevent all these privileges—individual, communal, national —from leaking out. It’s the architectural equivalent of a gun. As with guns, the sense of safety and security is almost entirely illusory. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
The Psychology of the Wall
Walls are cropping up all over the world. But as with guns, the sense of safety and security that comes from a wall is almost entirely illusory
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The rise of the World Social Forum gave a permanent home to the phrase, 'Another world is possible.' Views
The Green New Deal is Not Enough: We Need an Alternative Globalization
'A better world is possible'
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