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Residents obtain water from a natural source from the hill El Avila after the water supply was suspended in a nationwide blackout on March 10, 2019 in Caracas, Venezuela. More than 70 percent of the country was in darkness amid an ongoing political dispute between President Nicolas Maduro and self-declared interim president Juan Guaido.  (Photo: Edilzon Gamez/Getty Images/TNS) Views
To Help Venezuela, the U.S. Must Use Diplomacy, not a Military Coup
Fomenting regime change—by a soft coup, by economic sabotage, by fostering a military revolt—is likely to lead to more violence and more suffering
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The political right is uniting with establishment Democrats in denouncing presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders for his supposedly pro-dictatorship stance on Venezuela. And the media are piling on.(Photo: ABC/Screengrab) Views
Venezuela-Baiting: How Media Keep Anti-Imperialist Dissent in Check
The reality is that nothing but complete capitulation to this extractive right-wing tactic will be accepted
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How to Avoid a War in Venezuela
When the United States chose to recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s president – along with a group of Latin American countries – and ban oil trade with the Maduro government, it was betting that the pressure would be sufficient to topple the regime quickly. So, now what?
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The word “Chavista” has a resonance. It refers to those women and men who are loyal to Chavez and to the Bolivarian Revolution.(Photo: Vijay Prashad) Views
Notes From the Streets of Venezuela—The People Are Resilient in the Face of Foreign Intervention
'We will fight against any attack on Venezuela. We will defend ourselves.”
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US Special Envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, speaks during a media availability at the State Department on February 7, 2019, in Washington (Photo: Alex Brandon/AP) Views
Cold Warrior Elliott Abrams Returns to Battle in Venezuela
The US has chosen a prominent warmonger to promote 'democracy' in Venezuela
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When the gains that Chavismo made are erased from the story being told about the country, a distorted version of events is presented. (Photo: Screenshot) Views
US Media Erase Years of Chavismo’s Gains
The starting point for discussions about Venezuela involving anyone who purports to care about the welfare of the people of the country ought to be the question, “What steps can be taken for Venezuela to resume making the impressive strides that it made for the majority of the time that Chavismo...
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Protests broke out a week ago across Haiti. What motivated the streets to be on fire this time was the rise in prices of fuel and the position taken by Haiti against the government of President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela. (Estailove St. Val/EPA-EFE) Views
How the U.S. Is Strangling Haiti as It Attempts Regime Change in Venezuela
Their message is simple: if you won’t let us breathe, we won’t let you breathe, and if you suffocate Venezuela, you suffocate us
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A student remains on the ground in front of National Guards during an opposition protest against the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas on February 12, 2014. (Photo: Leo Ramirez) Views
U.S. Brinksmanship in Venezuela Is Dangerous
Judging from the miserable U.S. record at coercing change in other countries’ governments, U.S. interference in Venezuela threatens to turn a crisis into a catastrophe. We can’t let the violence that plagues the Middle East be transferred to Latin America
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Supporters of Juan Guaidó walk past a mural of Simón Bolívar on their way to a rally in January 2019 in Caracas. (Photo: Rebecca Hanson) Views
Venezuela’s Popular Sectors and the Future of a Country
Just a few years ago, the vast majority of working-class barrios in Caracas were ardent supporters of Chavismo. Today, they are split—but they don’t trust the opposition either
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Why Does the United States of America Want to Overthrow the Government of Venezuela?
A look at what drives the US to persist in its interventions—diplomatic, economic and military—against the Venezuelan government
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