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General view of a hospital where health officers, wearing masks and special protective suits, take care of a patient infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) at a hospital in Tehran, Iran on March 02, 2020. (Photo: Fatemeh Bahrami/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images) Views
How Many Nedas? Iran Sanctions Are Biological Warfare Against Civilians
This is not an economic policy. It is the collective punishment of civilians. It is an act of biological warfare against children, the elderly, and people of all ages.
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Whatever mix of capitalism and socialism each American may favor as a model for the U.S. economy, very few Americans would pick this corrupt 21st-century command economy as the system they would choose to live under.(Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images) Views
Why Is the U.S.So Exceptionally Vulnerable to Covid-19?
This exceptionally dysfunctional society has run smack-bang into a real force of nature, a tiny virus that can kill millions of people.
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The fact that most Palestinians are living literally from hand to mouth suggests that the coronavirus’s impact in Gaza will be exponentially harsher than in many other countries. (Photo: JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images) Views
The Gaza Strip Has Been Under Siege for Years. Covid-19 Could Be Catastrophic
Within Gaza’s eight refugee camps, the systems organized to save lives—health care and food supply—will undoubtedly become lethal bottlenecks, petri dishes for the deadly virus.
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Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro oversees a military parade in Caracas in 2017. News
'Another Attempted Coup': US Rebuked for 'Absurd' Drug Trafficking Charges Against Venezuela's Maduro
"An absurd demonstration of Washington's gangsterism."
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Even now, palms can grasp palms, at least in spirit, across the borders that we can see, at last, are not real. (Photo: jotily/Getty Images) Views
The Virus Is Our Teacher
Self-protection means doing what we can to protect—and understand—everyone.
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Presidents now routinely request and Congress routinely appropriates more than a trillion dollars annually to satisfy the national security state’s supposed needs. (Photo: sleuthjournal) Views
Judgment Day for the National Security State
The coronavirus and the real threats to American safety and freedom.
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Cease and Desist
Dr. Fauci invents a mask that will save millions of lives. Twitter photo As Trump's coronavirus lies and boasts and potentially deadly fictions mount, so does the urge to shut him up. As of Thursday evening, the U.S. had 82,404 cases, the most in the world - a number representing a 22% jump in what...
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Claudia Lefko and Faiza Al-Araji, Amman Jordan 2012. (Photo: Courtesy of author) Views
Remembering the Days of the Invasion: Iraq 2003
Iraqi families were divided and separated around the world.
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 If there ARE future generations, when your children’s children look back and ask, when the planet was threatened, what did you do?  What will you say? It’s about us, ALL of US!  #NotMeUs (Photo: UM Women/cc/flickr) Views
Coronavirus and Our Existential Threats This Presidential Season
Pandemics, climate change, nuclear war, existential threats: the new abnormal; our sentinel moment.
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Know That We Are Connected
Enough news - of catastrophe and sociopathy and madness - for us today, thanks. Time for a beauty/solace/sanity/poetry break to help see us through. Amidst the multitude of random kindnesses underway in our besieged world: Expert advice on feeling our grief and moving past it, inexpert dinosaurs on...
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