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As Americans learned in Vietnam, the only way to end a war gone wrong is to leave the field of battle. (Photo: Sergeant Joseph R. Chenelly / United States Marine Corps) Views
Yes, It's Time to Come Home—Now
Actually ending the war in Afghanistan.
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Former Deputy National Security Adviser Avril Haines (standing, center) has ben picked as President-elect Joe Biden's Director of National Intelligence.  (Photo: Pete Souza/White House) News
#FeminismNotMilitarism: Peace Groups Blast Biden's DNI Pick Over Links to Drones, Torture, and Mass Surveillance
CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies recently noted that Avril Haines "provided legal cover" for CIA torture and "worked closely" on the Obama administration's expanded drone policy.
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A woman waves a Saharan flag with text Free Sahara during a demonstration to demand the end of Morocco's occupation in Western Sahara, in support of the Polisario Front in Granada on November 21, 2020. Cities throughout Spain have demonstrated in favor to self-determination in Western Sahara and to denounce the violation of the 1991 ceasefire agreements last week. This has triggered the resumption of the armed conflict between the Moroccan army and the Polisario Front. (Photo by Fermin Rodriguez/NurPhoto vi Views
US Must Halt Renewed War Between Morocco and Polisario
We must act swiftly to prevent war and further conflict, end the occupation, and allow Sahrawis to make their decision on union with Morocco or independence.
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Reporting indicating that Biden may be considering former Acting CIA Director Michael Morell (above) to replace Haspel is deeply troubling. (Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images) Views
Message to Joe Biden: No Torturers in the Next Cabinet
Biden and Harris must eschew anyone complicit in torture or who frustrated oversight.
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Count on this: the militarization of American society and the "thank-you-for-your-service" fetishization of American soldiers will continue to thrive, exhibit A being the way Biden now closes almost any speech with "May God protect our troops." (Photo: Delil Souleiman/AFP via Getty Images) Views
What If They Called an Election and Nothing Changed in the War State?
Foreign policy, sacred cows, and the U.S. Military.
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Former Defense Undersecretary for Policy Michele Flournoy prepares to testify during the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on "NATO at 70: An Indispensable Alliance" on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call) Views
Hey Joe, Where You Going With That Pentagon in Your Hands?
The pernicious and lucrative aspects of military madness are personified in the favorite to be Biden’s Defense Secretary.
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Sharing the Landscape: Gator and Gunner Come To An Agreement, More or Less
Screengrab The macro view of things remains dark - plague raging, planet burning, evil clowns blustering - so we're gonna start the week with a serendipitous alligator wrasslin' match where all parties involved swam, scampered and staggered away. Wildlife surveillance cameras in Estero, Florida...
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U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet at the Prime Ministry Office in West Jerusalem on November 19, 2020. News
'Iran in the Crosshairs?' Reports of Secret Meeting Between Netanyahu, MbS, and Pompeo Spark Fears of War Plot
"It is extremely alarming that the warmongers most reliant on Trump's blank checks are secretly meeting in the middle of the night as the clock nearly runs out on the Trump administration."
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As Biden Taps Blinken as Secretary of State, Critics Denounce Support for Invasions of Iraq and Libya
"In the U.S., there is no accountability for supporting the worst foreign policy disaster in modern history. Only rewards."
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Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) speaks during a rally to express solidarity with immigrants and refugees hosted by MoveOn, United We Dream, Families Belong Together, and Popular Democracy near Union Station on May 16, 2019 in Washington, D.C. News
Ilhan Omar to President-elect Biden: Seize 'Once-in-a-Generation' Chance to End Disastrous US Foreign Policy
In an op-ed at The Nation , the Minnesota Democrat explains how the Biden White House can forge a path "toward justice."
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