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American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists and give the Black Power Salute at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City. News
'Cowardice': Olympics Committee Slammed for New Guidelines Barring Athletes From Kneeling, Raising Fists
"God how I despise these Olympic politician opportunists."
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Moon, Trump News
As Tensions Ease Between North and South Korea, New Demands for US Diplomacy
"The Trump administration needs to pivot to diplomacy now."
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olympics 2018 Views
Every Olympic Athlete in PyeongChang Should Be Vocal About Climate Change
"The Olympics are an international stage from which athletes can demand action from the countries they represent and mobilize their sponsors and fans."
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Vice President Mike Pence Views
Winter Sports Instead of Nuclear War
"Washington does not want a lessening of tensions between the two Koreas. And much less, talk of potential reunification."
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Ignoring Calls for Peace Effort, Pence Refused to Engage With North Koreans at Olympic Games
Amid rising tensions, the global community urged the vice president to "give peace a chance" and "make the Olympic truce permanent."
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While the Two Koreas Talk, Trump Is Throwing Shade
The White House seems hell bent on hijacking an Olympic moment of inter-Korean unity.
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VP Pence News
Putting Dent in Olympic Diplomacy, Pence Vows 'Most Aggressive' Sanctions Yet for North Korea
"How dare Koreans in the South talk to Koreans in the North to avert a war that would kill millions and destroy the entire peninsula."
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The Olympic Truce: A Unique Chance to Step Back from the Brink of (Nuclear?) War with North Korea
The Olympic Truce—a tradition which dates to the ancient Greek Olympics—represents an important opportunity to defuse tensions and begin the work of reconciliation on the Korean peninsula.
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Diplomatic talks on Korean peninsula News
Progress Between North and South Korea Marred by Reports of Trump Considering "Bloody Nose" Bombings
In spite of progress on the Korean peninsula, there's reportedly war in the White House over whether to launch a "limited" attack
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South Korean President Moon Jae-in News
South Korea Welcomes North Korean Proposal for Talks Ahead of Olympic Games
While also warning of "nuclear button" on his desk, Kim Jong Un called for efforts to "improve inter-Korean relations by ourselves"
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