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The destruction of the Great Mosque in Mosul (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Views
Foolish Wars Have Consequences
Countless civilan deaths, millions displaced, decimation of entire cities and the spread of extremism
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Ray McGovern with Ahed Tammy and unknown villager after teens in Nabil Salah fought off Israeli soldiers. Views
Ahed Tamimi and Her Mother are Free - Sort Of
Ahed Tamimi and her mother were freed from prison on Sunday and Ray McGovern looks back on when he met the Tammy family last year in their West Bank village and reflects on the spirit that drives them.
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Trump Threatens Iran With “Escalation;” Could it Spin Out of Control?
It is a truism of military and diplomatic history that ultimatums always lead to war
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"Put forth real values and run on a commitment to real change, a la Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young Democratic Socialist who won a shocking upset victory in her congressional primary." (Photo: Ocasio2018 Campaign) Views
The Dems Could Win If They Stood For Something
Now, more than ever, the whole of humanity needs leaders who can who can envision and articulate a global transition beyond war and dominance, beyond environmental exploitation, beyond policies and practices that dehumanize part of us and cluelessly continue more of the same
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The American Resistance Should Also Salute This Corsican Revolutionary on July 4th
Two decades before the American Revolution, Corsica’s constitution was hailed by Scottish author James Boswell as “the best model that hath ever existed in the democratical form.”
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"This is about a runaway military-industrial complex that our ruling elite are more than happy to let loose." (Photo: Pixaby) Views
Trump’s Military Drops a Bomb Every 12 Minutes, and No One Is Talking About It
We are a rogue nation with a rogue military and a completely unaccountable ruling elite.
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"The greed of those geopolitical dreamers will intersect with the greed of an ever wealthier, ever more gilded 1%, of the billionaires who were preparing to swallow whole the political system of that last superpower and grab so much of the wealth of the planet, leaving so little for others."(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Views
A Twenty-First-Century History of Greed
American wars and self-decline.
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"By construing his domestic politics as the work of an unprincipled, unpredictable and increasingly dangerous tyrant, corporate media have illuminated the fact that there is only one remaining idea that makes a qualitative difference between the president’s nuclear arsenal and North Korea’s: American exceptionalism." (Photo: Kevin Lim/THE STRAITS TIMES/Handout/Getty Images) Views
Why Do US Media Only Worry About One Authoritarian’s Nukes?
Trump, Kim and American exceptionalism.
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'Despicable': Outrage Over Trump's Plans for So-Called 'Tent Cities' to Imprison Child Migrants
"U.S. authorities should focus on keeping families together, ensuring due process in asylum adjudications, and protecting the rights of children."
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"The warmongers have no more of a plan for “regime change” in Iran than they had in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria." (Photo: Mr. Fish) Views
Scapegoating Iran
"Americans say they want the Middle East to be free from violent extremism, but this will only happen when the Middle East is free from occupation and foreign intervention."
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