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Whatever mix of capitalism and socialism each American may favor as a model for the U.S. economy, very few Americans would pick this corrupt 21st-century command economy as the system they would choose to live under.(Photo: Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images) Views
Why Is the U.S.So Exceptionally Vulnerable to Covid-19?
This exceptionally dysfunctional society has run smack-bang into a real force of nature, a tiny virus that can kill millions of people.
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It wasn’t supposed to be this way. There was supposed to have been greater uniformity in response. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
What the Coronavirus Says about Us
Trump’s message to governors on lifesaving medical equipment—"get it yourselves"—is grimly appropriate in a country without national health care.
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"For a select few, war pays dividends in ways that peace doesn't," writes Astore. "In a nutshell, or perhaps an artillery shell, war is anti-democratic, anti-progressive, anti-intellectual, and anti-human." (Photo: Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images) Views
American Exceptionalism Is Killing Planet Earth
On the many abuses of executing endless war on a finite planet
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Not only do corporate media credulously assume that the US has always been interested in peace, conveniently forgetting that the US rejected offers from the Taliban to hand Osama bin Laden over and surrender soon after the invasion. (Photo: US Marine Corps/Sgt. Mark Fayloga) Views
On 18th Anniversary of 9/11, Media Worry About ‘Premature’ End to Afghan War
The Afghans are one of the least happy populations ever recorded. Yet corporate media’s propagandistic coverage discourages the US from doing the one thing that might help change that: get out.
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An American soldier on patrol near Kandahar, Afghanistan. When the U.S. leaves Afghanistan our position will be: We’re outta here; you guys sort this out. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images ) Views
Trump’s Afghanistan 'Peace' Will Be Vietnam All Over Again: A Mess America Leaves Behind
Leaving a misguided war, American-style
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People carry the coffin of indigenous leader and environmental activist Berta Caceres, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, March 3, 2016. (Photo: CNS/EPA/Stringer) Views
Violence Against Indigenous Hondurans Shows Us What Fuels Migration
The United States government bears direct responsibility for the violence—militarizing the region and ensuring U.S. corporations can extract profit and resources.
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Progressive candidates should instead be sending the entire world an unequivocal message that the United States is finally ready to turn the page to a new era of peaceful, cooperative and lawful diplomacy. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Are Sanders and Warren Throwing a Lifeline to the Military-Industrial Complex?
Their pro-diplomacy worldview has blind spots. This creates a pretext for continuing U.S. militarism and risks undermining their commitment to peace.
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While the U.S. has the most powerful military machine in history, it is also incomparably the most expensive – and members of Congress work aggressively to maintain it. (Photo: Scott Nelson/Getty Images) Views
One Budget Line Congress Can Agree On: Spending Billions on the US Military
Americans are increasingly insulated and isolated from the political, economic and human costs of warfare.
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On August 19, 1953, democratically-elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by the CIA and British intelligence, after having nationalized the oil industry. The Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was re-installed in the primary position of power. Massive protests broke out across the nation, leaving almost 300 dead in firefights in the streets of Tehran. (Photo by - / INTERCONTINENTALE / AFP) (Photo: /AFP/Getty Images) Views
The Exceptionally American Historical Amnesia Behind Pompeo’s Claim of ‘40 Years of Unprovoked Iranian Aggression’
From a CIA coup and supporting the Shah’s brutality to enabling chemical attacks, shooting down a civilian airliner and training terrorists,‘aggression’ between the US and Iran is overwhelmingly one-sided
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 Any statement of any kind coming out of a Republican's mouth should be viewed with extreme suspicion. (Photo: Illustrated | Hulton Archive/Getty Images, MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images) Views
The Trump Regime Wants Another Pointless War
Unless some real mass pressure is mounted against it, there is a good chance Trump will launch the U.S. into another pointless, disastrous war
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