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On May 1 our peaceful presence was violently besieged by angry Guaido supporters. (Photo: Codepink) Views
What Is Happening at the Venezuelan Embassy Is an Outrage
Determined to avoid another war, a group of US peace activists sought and received permission from the legitimate Venezuelan government to form an Embassy Protection Collective
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Arms control has become more important than ever before, given that a new nuclear arms race beckons. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
A Farewell to Arms Control?
With Trump and Bolton at the helm, the international arms control regime is effectively dead. But could that spark a new movement for disarmament?
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Tear gas is only the latest indignity visited upon the people waiting in Mexico for safe passage out of the horror that had become their lives. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
It’s a Borderful World
Globalization’s ardent supporters, like politicians and financiers, are powerful people. They cross borders with ease. Much easier to pick on the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the world
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"Instead of multilateral trade pacts like NAFTA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), or even the WTO, Trump favors bilateral deals rewritten to the (supposed) advantage of the United States." (Photo: Beijing/ Shutterstock) Views
Beijing’s Bid for Global Power in the Age of Trump
“America First” versus China’s strategy of the four continents
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Golden Shower Diplomacy and the Hidden Meaning of American Decline
Preserving the positive legacy of an empire in decline
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"How Changa or Puryear discussing racism and war furthers an effort to “create chaos” is never made clear, unless stating facts about the world that are unflattering to US centers of power is now per se destructive." (Photo: Screenshot) Views
Public Radio’s McCarthyite Smear of Black Activists Shows Danger of Russia Panic
If assumptions about “Country X–backed media” are used to smear those who take a check—or even come close to those who take a check—from Russia, there should be a consistent standard for everyone.
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After years of seeming compliance with Washington’s rules for good global citizenship, China’s recent actions in Central Asia and the continent’s surrounding seas have revealed a two-phase strategy that would, if successful, undercut the perpetuation of American global power. (Photo: Naval Surface Warriors/flickr/cc.) Views
Gunboat Diplomacy and the Ghost of Captain Mahan
Or how China and the U.S. are spawning a new great power naval rivalry.
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 "While chanting his mantra of “America First,” Donald Trump has so far followed policies that have only eased the way for the Chinese dragon to roar past Uncle Sam, with the Russian bear not far behind." (Photo: Presidential Administration of Russia) Views
Donald Trump Offers a Helping Hand to China and Russia
Giving American isolationism new meaning in the twenty-first century.
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"In a globalizing world interconnected by trade, the Internet, and the rapid proliferation of nuclear-armed missiles, walls won’t work." (Photo: BBC World Service/flickr/cc) Views
Tweeting While Rome Burns: The World According to Trump
(Or how to build a wall and lose an empire)
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Most startlingly, emissions from food and agriculture are growing so fast that, if they continue to increase at the current rate, they alone could use up the safe budget for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Views
Farming for a Small Planet
How we grow food determines who can eat and who cannot—no matter how much we produce.
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