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'Not Enough to Declare Climate Emergency': Ahead of EU Vote, Demand for Action Not Just Words
"When your house is on fire, can you really afford the time to come up with declarations, or do you grab a bucket and do whatever you can to stop everything from burning?"
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Striking high school students march to protest for more effective government climate change policy on January 25, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. News
'Beginning of the End of Climate-Wrecking Fossil Fuel Finance': World's Largest Public Bank Ditches Oil and Coal
Environmentalist Bill McKibben called the decision a "truly amazing win."
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Declaring State of Emergency, Venice Mayor Blames Climate Crisis for Historic Flooding
"This is not just 'bad weather,' this is a climate emergency."
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Police investigate a truck at an industrial park in the United Kingdom News
'Beyond Horrific': UK Police Find 39 People Dead in Truck Container, Possible Victims of Human Trafficking Effort
"People who are forced to take dangerous journeys to reach Europe, in this case the U.K., often do so because current immigration policies deny them safe and legal options."
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The anonymous artist Banksy unveiled his latest installation in Croydon, London this week, in the form of a storefront. All the merchandise will be sold online as part of Banksy's trademark dispute with a greeting card company. (Photo: via Colossal) News
'Gross Domestic Product': How Street Artist Banksy Turned Bizarre Trademark Dispute Into Fundraiser for Migrant Rescue Ship
"The proceeds from these products will go towards buying a new migrant rescue boat...So you may well be committing a criminal offense by purchasing them."
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Drought-ravaged agricultural land in Central Europe. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Climate Catastrophe Comes for Europe
This year’s floods and heat waves are but a fraction of what awaits the continent—unless a growing climate mobilization succeeds.
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The path that we are on leads to darkness. (Photo: Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden/SIPA USA/PA Images) Views
The G7 Was a Joke. Three Degrees Warming Isn’t
We need a European Green New Deal that delivers justice on a scale to match the threat of environmental breakdown. Here's how we do it.
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British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (left) and German Chancellor Adolf Hitler (in light jacket) Views
Re-Reflections on the Start of World War II
It is worth our while to try to disentangle some of the realities of the war from the mythologies we so love to worship
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David Reinert holds up a large "Q" sign while waiting in line to see President Donald J. Trump at his rally on August 2, 2018 at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. "Q" represents QAnon, a conspiracy theory group that has been seen at recent rallies. (Photo: Rick Loomis/Getty Images) Views
Trump’s Entire Worldview Is a Nut Job Conspiracy Theory
"Why is everybody always picking on me?"
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DoD tests missile News
'Nuclear Weapons Arms Race Is Here': Russians, Anti-Nuke Experts Denounce US Missile Test
A spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin said that "such tests only proved that from the very start, the Americans were determined to derail the INF Treaty and were making preparations for it."
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