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In 2018 a record number of women, people of color, and LGBTQ representatives were elected to Congress, including the first Muslim women. (Photo: Steve Eason/Flickr/cc) Views
Reasons for Optimism
Whenever privilege and power conspire to pull us backward, we eventually rally and move forward.
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Karina Cardoso and Linda Nevarez hold their cellphone flashlights up during an Aug. 4 vigil in El Paso for the victims of the Walmart shooting. (Photo: Lola Gomez/American-Statesman) Views
Violent White Supremacists Threaten Basic Civil Rights—and Our Lives
The federal government can largely stamp out domestic terrorism—or fan the flames.
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'Outrageous': Trump DOJ Urges Supreme Court to Legalize Firing Workers for Being Transgender
"The equality principle is so simple and obvious; it's a disgrace the government is affirmatively arguing for a narrow, pro-discrimination interpretation."
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As New Studies Shed Light on Struggles of Trans People in US, Expert Highlights Trump's Attacks
"Transgender people are being denied equal rights—to jobs, to housing, to healthcare, and to participation in the military."
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Warnings of 'Taxpayer-Funded Discrimination' Against LGBTQ Workers as Trump Pushes Religious Exemption Rule for Contractors
"This rule seeks to undermine our civil rights protections and encourages discrimination in the workplace—and we will work to stop it," said the ACLU
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 A doctor showing a patient a syringe used to inject testosterone. Views
We Have Until Aug 13 to Oppose Trump’s Anti-Trans Healthcare Plan
The proposal is yet another attempt by the Trump administration to undermine our nation’s antidiscrimination laws.
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Not a Straight White Man? U.S. Religious Conservatives Are Coming for You
Unless you are part of the narrow demographic of rich, white men deemed to have rights in 1776, this new Trump administration commission won't protect you
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Secretary Pompeo speaks of longstanding international human rights norms as if he's demonstrated a single iota of respect for them, and as if those norms are incongruent with defending human dignity and democratic values. Views
Pompeo’s New "Human Rights" Commission is Up To No Good
This commission isn't fooling anyone
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LGBTQ Americans and allies Views
Thousands of Voices Are Telling the Supreme Court: Don't Roll Back LGBTQ Rights
The message came in the form of friend-of-the-court briefs filed in a trio of cases involving workers who lost their jobs because of who they are
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As a Lesbian of African Descent, I Am Not an American—Not Completely
I am not an American and will not be an American until people of color are no longer profiled for driving and shopping, and killed for simply being
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