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'Worst-Case Scenario': Report Finds Sturgis Motorcycle Rally a Superspreader Event Infecting Over 260,000
"These cases represent a cost of over $12.2 billion," researchers wrote.
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Visitors look at Mount Rushmore National Monument on July 02, 2020 near Keystone, South Dakota. News
'An Attack on Indigenous People': Mount Rushmore Trump Event Denounced as Racist, Dangerous, and Disrespectful
"We won't be social distancing," said the South Dakota governor.
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Mount Rushmore National Memorial on April 23, 2020, in Keystone, South Dakota. (Photo: Kerem Yucel/AFP via Getty Images) News
Cheyenne River Sioux Chair Offers to Rip Down Mount Rushmore—"Free of Charge... By Myself If I Must"
"Nothing stands as a greater reminder to the Great Sioux Nation of a country that cannot keep a promise or treaty than the faces carved into our sacred land on what the United States calls Mount Rushmore."
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Gwen feeling down. Views
The Art of Criminalization
A Lakota girl had no idea she would be brutalized and criminalized by a racist system leaving her with a record at school where she was suspended and a record within the courts.
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nokxl protest News
ACLU Celebrates Settlement Ending Unconstitutional Efforts to Silence Pipeline Protesters in South Dakota
"Let this be a lesson to other states: If you criminalize protest, we will sue."
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Applause as Federal Court Blocks 'Unconstitutional' South Dakota Law That Would Hit Pipeline Protesters With Up to 25 Years in Prison
"The so-called 'Riot Boosting' Act was clearly intended to suppress constitutionally-protected, peaceful protests of the Keystone XL pipeline."
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Protesters march during a demonstration against the Dakota Access Pipeline on March 10, 2017 in Washington, D.C. News
'Vague, Overly Broad, and Sweeping in Scope': Lawsuits Take Aim at Efforts to Criminalize Anti-Pipeline Protests
"It's hard to convince or even ask people with children to organize against pipelines if a mother will risk a felony."
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The government has dismissed Native Americans, state farmers and ranchers, and residents of nearby states who opposed the pipeline as outside agitators. (Photo: David Goldman/ AP) Views
The South Dakota Legislature Has Invented a New Legal Term to Target Pipeline Protesters
The new law gives the state the authority to sue individuals and organizations for “riot boosting,” but it does not clearly describe what speech or conduct it considers to be “riot boosting.”
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Flooding at Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. News
'State of Emergency': Pine Ridge Reservation Flooding Exposes Racial Divide in Climate Crisis
"We're seeing the differential impact of climate change unfold before our eyes in real time."
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Keystone XL Developer "Infiltrates Our Democracy" With Major Campaign Contributions in Nebraska
Ahead of midterms, TransCanada has poured several thousand dollars into the GOP governor's and state lawmakers' election efforts
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