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Forked-Tongue Kavanaugh Fan-Girl Susan Collins Is Having a Sads. Ask Us If We Care.
Protesters urging Collins to "Be A Hero." Not a chance. Photo by AP. Front photo by Reuters Poor Susan Collins. In a Politico story, Maine's fake moderate and two-faced rape apologist says she's "sad" she's lost so much support for her inexcusable decision to ignore months of fierce pleas and...
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Protesters take part in the 'Tax March' calling on President Donald Trump to release his tax records in 2017 in New York. (Photo: Kena Betancur/AFP/Getty Images) News
Deutsche Bank 'Has All But Confirmed' It Has At Least Partial Trump Tax Returns Subpoened by House Democrats
"Outside experts have long thought Deutsche's files could be even more revealing than Trump's tax returns. Now, seemingly, they won't have to choose: They can just get both through Deutsche."
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The FEC, which regulates elections and campaign finance, is without a quorum after the resignation of one of its members. News
Democracy Watchdog Warns FEC Courting 'Disaster' by Heading Into 2020 Elections Without a Quorum
"Americans deserve an FEC willing and able to enforce the laws passed by Congress to protect the integrity of our elections and the President must nominate new commissioners who will serve as the cops on the beat."
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Macron’s liberalism—like that of Canada’s Justin Trudeau—is on thin ice. (Photo: Rita Franca/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Views
The G7 Countries Look Feeble—Iran and Brazil Could Shore Them Up
To think that the G7 is a serious body is to have lost one’s mind.
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Protected from consequences by death as his money protected him in life, David Koch is dead. (Photo: Phelan M Ebenhack/AP/Shutterstock) Views
David Koch’s Monstrous Legacy
David Koch died before he could reap the full bounty of his works. We will not be so lucky. His legacy is poisoned water and dirty air, decimated unions, and Donald Trump.
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Toronto, Canada (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Make America… More Like Canada
Canadians enjoy much better health care, much less inequality, and—a new study finds—higher incomes too.
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To Fight Corporate 'Assault on Journalism,' Sanders Unveils Plan to Stop Big Media Mergers and Bolster Independent News
"We cannot sit by and allow corporations, billionaires, and demagogues to destroy the Fourth Estate, nor can we allow them to replace serious reporting with infotainment and propaganda."
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, speaks at the Iowa Federation Labor Convention on August 21, 2019 in Altoona, Iowa. News
For Always Making It Clear 'Which Side He Is On,' Bernie Sanders Nabs First National Union Endorsement
"Bernie understands the need for workers to have a democratic, independent union movement that is unafraid to challenge corporate America's stranglehold on our economy."
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With Open Internet Under Assault, 2020 Democrats Urged to Sign Pledge to Reject Telecom Cash and Restore Net Neutrality
"If net neutrality is not restored, the public will lose the ability to access sites, run small businesses, and tell the stories too often ignored by the mainstream media."
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A cimate change activist in a hammock occupying Oxford Circus in the busy shopping district of central London on April 18, 2019 wakes on the fourth day of an environmental protest by the Extinction Rebellion group earlier this year in the United Kingdom. (Photo: Isabel Infantes/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Global Climate Movement: Darkest Before the Dawn
Climate action from above—like proposals for a Green New Deal—is both driven by and will only be achieved by determined and relentless pressure from below
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