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The Pentagon budget is more than 100 times the budget of the Centers for Disease Control. (Photo by NurPhoto/Corbis via Getty Images) Views
Americans Overwhelmingly Support Cutting the Pentagon to Support Our Real Needs
A 10 percent cut to the Pentagon could come from a multitude of places, including: ending our never-ending wars in the Middle East, reducing our reliance on nuclear weapons, and turning off the spigot to arms contractors.
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The Navy’s plans to replace large manned vessels with small, unmanned ones was only accelerated by the outbreak of the pandemic. (Photo: US Navy/DoD) Views
A World of "Killer Robots" But Not "National Security"
The Pentagon confronts the pandemic.
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	The immediate matters at hand are Trump’s plans to withdraw the 8,600 American troops remaining in Afghanistan and 9,500 of our 34,500 troops in Germany. (Photo: U.S. Army/flickr/cc) Views
Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan and Germany Is Still a Good Idea
Anyone entertaining serious hopes for significant reordering of the American economy, of our race relations, of energy production and transportation, eventually realizes that all of this will require a simultaneous demilitarization of both our economy and our role in the world.
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At more than $740 billion this year, the Pentagon budget is more than 100 times the budget of the CDC—and more than 1,800 times the U.S. contribution to the World Health Organization that the president has promised to cut. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
Cut the Pentagon 10 Percent, Invest in Public Health
Tanks and ships can’t save us from our greatest dangers, so let’s pay for the things that can.
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U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Task Force 3-7 soldiers ride atop an armored vehicle during a training exercise near the Iraqi border March 13, 2003 in northern Kuwait. U.S and British forces within the region continue to poise for a possible strike on Iraq. (Photo: Scott Nelson/Getty Images) Views
10 Reasons Why Defunding Police Should Lead to Defunding War
Just as we want to radically redefine the role of police in our local communities, so we must radically redefine the role of military personnel in the global community.
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As Schumer Endorses Sanders Proposal to Slash Pentagon Budget by 10%, Other Senate Democrats Urged to Follow Suit
"A big thanks to Sen. Sanders for helping Schumer begin to see the light. We must urge more of Congress to defund the Pentagon."
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"Despite all his boasting about beefing up our defense, his brags that America is stronger than ever, Donald Trump has placed our national security in peril," writes Winship. "With our own government in chaos and a shambolic delusional president systematically destroying our relations with longtime friends in the world, we have completely abandoned our role as a leader among nations and in many ways, left ourselves defenseless." (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Trump's Bull Destroys the China Shop–And Our Role in the World
The notion of "America First" hasn't protected us but instead has wrecked national security.
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In 2018, Lockheed Martin Corporation earned $8 billion in profits. About 85 percent of their business was government contracts. (Photo: Lockheed Martin) Views
The 'Camo Economy' Hides Military Costs and Exacerbates Inequality
Pentagon contractors like Lockheed Martin exploit their political connections to maintain a system that generates huge corporate profits and executive pay at taxpayer expense.
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The racism that permeates U.S. foreign policy today, writes Gerami, "is an extension of the belief in white supremacy that shaped the territorial and ideological boundaries of our nation from its inception." (Photo: U.S. Army Lt. Col. Mike Brady, Task Force Cyclone, 38th Infantry Division Public Affairs) Views
To Defeat Systemic Racism, America Must End Endless War
As we look inwards to dismantle America's legacy of racism that pervades the law enforcement and national security apparatuses, we must also recognize that racism and militarism are mutually reinforcing.
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Congress Urged to Repeal Program That Transfers 'Weapons of War' to Local Police
"In response to the national outrage, armored vehicles, assault weapons, and military gear once again filled our streets and communities, turning them into war zones."
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