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CODEPINK protests killer drones at DC home of Jeh Johnson. (Photo: CODEPINK) Views
Why Jeh Johnson Would Be a Better Defense Secretary Than Michèle Flournoy
Flournoy has repeatedly demonstrated throughout her career, both in her official Pentagon positions in the Clinton and Obama administrations and in her published writings and statements, that she actually believes in the normalization of war.
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People seldom notice that Trump’s approach to military policy has always been two-faced. (Photo: John Minchillo-Pool/Getty Images) Views
Trump’s Pernicious Military Legacy
From the forever wars to the cataclysmic wars.
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The Minnesota Air National Guard salutes frontline workers at Minnesota hospitals with a flyover in St. Paul. (Photo by: Michael Siluk/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) News
'Money For War': US Arms Sales Soar and Bipartisan Militarism Thrives Amid Covid-19 Pandemic
Trump on Saturday claimed a Democratic-led Senate will "destroy the military through a lack of funding," but Congress last week passed a $740 billion Pentagon budget while Americans await economic relief.
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A group of Somalian troops trained by the U.S. military stand at attention at a graduation ceremony. (Photo: U.S. Africa Command) News
Pentagon Says Almost All US Troops to Leave Somalia—But Military Operations Will Continue
"This action is not a change in U.S. policy," said the Defense Department, which has been conducting an air and ground war in the East African nation since 2007.
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Hospital staff look on as the United States Navy Blue Angels pass over Medical City Dallas on May 06, 2020 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images) Views
Congress Is Deadlocked on Covid Relief But Came Together to Fund the Pentagon for $740 Billion
There is always money for war.
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Daniel Ellsberg speaks at the "Cinema for Peace Gala" in the Westhafen Event and Convention Center on February 11, 2019. News
Because She Was Wrong About Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Libya, Daniel Ellsberg Joins Campaign Against Flournoy
Declaring that "we do not need a hawk with relationships with the weapons industry," Nobel Prize-winning peace activist Jody Williams also urged Biden not to pick Michèle Flournoy as defense secretary.
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The arms makers and their allies in Congress and the executive branch won’t give up without a fight when it comes to the pandemic of Pentagon spending. (Photo: Master Sgt. Ken Hammond / U.S. Air Force / Wikimedia Commons) Views
The Pandemic of Pentagon Spending
Will the Biden administration dare cut military spending?
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Michele Flournoy, President, Center for a New American Security speaks during a conference on the transition of the US Presidency from Obama to Trump at the US Institute Of Peace at the US Institute Of Peace in Washington DC, January 10, 2017. (Photo: Chris Kleponis/AFP via Getty Images) Views
Some Liberals and Arms-Control Experts Are Cheering for War Profiteers to Be in Biden’s Cabinet
What does all this praising and access-drooling amount to?
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Former Defense Undersecretary for Policy Michele Flournoy prepares to testify during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. News
Rejecting Michèle Flournoy, Progressives Demand Biden Pick Pentagon Chief 'Untethered' From Military-Industrial Complex
"We urge President-elect Joe Biden and U.S. senators to choose a secretary of defense who is unencumbered by a history of advocating for bellicose military policies and is free of financial ties to the weapons industry."
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Antony Binken (R) speaks after being nominated by President-elect Joe Biden for secretary of state. (Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images) News
Disdain and Disbelief After Biden Claims 'Significant' Progressive Presence in Administration
Leftist politicians, pundits, and people also reacted with indignation after a Daily Beast article claimed progressives are satisfied with Biden's selections so far.
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