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A man holds a flag with a picture of former Bolivian President Evo Morales during the first campaign event of MAS party ahead of presidential elections on September 9, 2020 in El Alto, Bolivia.  (Photo: Gaston Brito/Getty Images) Views
Silence Reigns on the US-Backed Coup Against Evo Morales in Bolivia
The Organization of American States had a key role in the destruction of the country’s democracy last November.
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The paper still hasn’t acknowledged, let alone apologized for, the credulous reporting that gave it a leading role in bringing down an elected president and the violence that followed. (Photo: New York Times) Views
NYT Acknowledges Coup in Bolivia—While Shirking Blame for Its Supporting Role
The fatal flaws in the report the OAS used to subvert a member government, long obvious, are now undeniable even to the New York Times.
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'It Was—Then as Now—Clearly a Coup': NYT Finally Gets Around to Reporting OAS Fraud Election Claims in Bolivia Were Bogus
"For those paying close attention to the 2019 election, there was never any doubt that the OAS' claims of fraud were bogus."
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Bolivia's self-declared interim president Jeanine Anez talks during a conference at the presidential palace on November 13, 2019 in La Paz, Bolivia. (Photo: Javier Mamani/Getty Images) Views
Bibles at the Barricades: How the Right Seized Power in Bolivia
Following Áñez’s seizure of power, Bolivia has endured the worst state violence and political persecution it has seen in decades.
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Supporters of ousted Bolivian leader Evo Morales rally against the coup. (Photo: Shutterstock) Views
The Organization of American States Is Eroding Faith in Democracy
Under its pro-Trump secretary general, a politicized OAS has botched electoral missions across the hemisphere—and even precipitated a coup.
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The OAS repeatedly made statistical claims about Bolivia’s election that were clearly false. (Photo: Alexis Demarco/APG/Getty Images) Views
WaPo Prints Study That Found Paper Backed an Undemocratic Bolivia Coup
When you have election monitors beholden to the US government, and a corporate media willing to cover for them, it is only duly elected officials in poor countries that need fear those kinds of consequences—and much worse.
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A Bolivian indigenous woman, supporter of Bolivian ousted president Evo Morales, holds a Wiphala flag—representing native peoples—during a protest against the interim government in La Paz on November 15, 2019. News
'The OAS Has a Lot to Answer For': New Study Disputes Key Claim That Paved Way for Right-Wing Coup in Bolivia
The Organization of American States "greatly misled the media and the public about what happened in Bolivia's elections."
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'They Are Afraid of Democracy,' Says Evo Morales as Bolivian Tribunal Bars Him From Running for Senate
The former president of Bolivia called the Supreme Electoral Tribunal's decision "illegal and unconstitutional."
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One hundred and thirty-six economists and statisticians said the OAS charges were false. (Photo: Pedro Pardo/AFP via Getty Images) Views
What Does the Future Hold for US-Bolivia Ties?
No one disputes that Morales was democratically elected to his term in 2015, yet the Trump Administration strongly supported the military coup that overthrew him.
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A supporter of Bolivian ex-President Evo Morales waves white flags during clashes with riot police following a protest in La Paz on November 13, 2019. News
USAID Arriving in Bolivia to 'Monitor Elections,' Raising Fears of US Meddling in May 3 Vote
"The Trump administration has clearly picked sides."
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